I’m a total sucker for unique glitter combos, even though I’m sort of over the chunky glitter indies phase. I’ve not actually bought a new chunky glitter in quite a while. But whenever a good combo comes out, then I totally get that urge again and they always end up in my cart.
That’s what Cast in Bronze was for me, when I was browsing the Hare Polish page on Llarowe, back in March when I purchased my last bunch of indies.
Cast in Bronze is a dusty purple crelly base, with mauve undertones. Mixed in are pieces of pale bronze and copper pieces of glitter. The warmth that this polish has is very lovely. The orange tones play with the purple tones very well, and although I don’t totally love orange tones on me, paired with the purple I love it.
Here I’ve used three thin coats, to get a lot of depth within the base and glitter. It did feel just a little thick on the nails but it wasn’t too bad. I topped it off with the HK Girl Fast Dry Top Coat (which is supposed to be a better version of Seche Vite, more on that later).
This lasted for about 3 days before chipping, which I attribute to how much polish I had on as well as the fact that it’s a chunky glitter.
You can purchase Hare Polish on Llarowe, and they retail for $12 each.
Are there any glitter combos that you happen to really love?

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