Happy tuesday everyone! I’m currently at home, studying for two midterms, having finished the worst group project of all time, and I’m sick, so I thought “hey, forget responsibilities like going to work and doing homework, let’s blog!”
No but actually I’m sick and studying and needed a brief break so I snapped some photos of my current mani and decided to post so I didn’t start neglecting the blog again.
I recently hauled some Colors by Llarowe polishes in her last restock. My last post, NMETIAC was from that same haul, and I promise a video is coming soon. I swear. Also I have some Divergent stuff to post but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow, after my midterms are done (and I’m on Spring Break!). 
For now, another blog post will have to just suffice 🙂
So, everybody, meet Black Gold, Texas Tea. This is a super opaque super holo black polish that’s just glory in all things black and holo. It’s a linear holo and a very space like polish and I’m in love.
I have a few other black holo polishes but I don’t think they’re quite as opaque or mega holo like this one.
Black Gold, Texas Tea was opaque in two coats, which is what I’m wearing here, but it was almost opaque in one. The holo is visible in even the most dim of lights, and then when you go out into the sunlight it’s like none other, as you can see in the photos. Before I got this last box from Llarowe, the formula in my previous CBL polishes were on the thick side but this and NMETIAC had no issue at all.
Colors by Llarowe polishes are available on both Llarowe, and Harlow & Co. They retail for about $12, and you can find out about restocks if you follow Llarowe on Twitter and Facebook. 
I’m completely in love with this polish so I completely recommend it if you’re looking for a black holo!

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