Hi guys! Sorry for the little break this week… I had a poem I had to memorize for one of my classes so that took a bit of my attention away. However, I did get a few things this week, including this polish from Llarowe and her nail polish line, Colors by Llarowe. I’ll have a haul video up soon as well as some swatches from this group of CBL polishes as well as a few that I purchased back in winter. I’m behind in my blogging, I know 🙂
Anyways, I’m off to the Veronica Mars movie and soooooo this will be a brief post BUT it’s a good one!
The polish I’m wearing is NMETIAC by Colors by Llarowe, or “Nobody Makes Emily Twerk In A Corner”. In case you didn’t know, Emily is one of the awesome girls at Llarowe HQ. I love how involved all of those girls are in the CBL process, it’s fun to track the brand’s progress as well as see how family like they are!
Anyways, NMETIAC is a turquoise crelly base with various sized pieces of silver and gold hex glitter mixed in. The microglitter is very easy to get in on the nail, and layers to be very twinkly and pretty. The larger hex pieces are a little harder to get on the nail, but a good shaking of the bottle will do the trick. The crelly base layers to make the polish look very gel like as well as jelly-sandwich-y on the nail and looks very cool.
It’s currently sold out on the Llarowe site, but she does restocks pretty often so make sure you subscribe to her on Twitter, Facebook and through email to get updates. NMETIAC was about $12. Here I have 2 coats on my nails, and the HK Girl dry fast topcoat (which I’m testing out).
I hope you guys have a fab thursday evening! I’m off to the movies 😀

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