I’m a huge fan of the Milani Baked Blushes (thank you Eshani for starting that obsession a few years ago!), so when I heard that they had new, matte colors in their line, I was pretty excited and went searching for them ASAP.
Not only are baked blushes having a moment right now, it seems like drugstore brands are really taking notice of what their lines need versus what’s popular. With brands expanding their lip color lines to include oranges and purples, and then with brands releasing primers and other previously scarce products, I was very happy to see that matte blushes were coming to the drugstore.
I had great expectations for the Milani ones because their original colors were so amazing. There are two new shades, both matte. The first is Delizioso Pink, which you can see me apply in the tutorial posted down below. Delizioso Pink is a pretty light pink with warm undertones.
The second one is called Bella Rosa, which is what I’m showing you in this post 😀
Bella Rosa is a super pigmented reddish pink. It’s got a tulip petal feel to it, which I’m very happy about since spring is just around the corner! The product blends very easily, and isn’t powdery at all. It applies very opaquely so a light hand gives more than enough pigmentation on my medium light skin. A color like this will look amazing on deeper skin tones, which is again something that the drugstore definitely needs more of.
There’s a color from the Sleek line that reminds me of this, actually. Bella Rosa is lighter and pinker than the Sleek blush but they have a very similar texture, opacity and feel to me.
These blushes retail for about $8. I found this at Ulta but I know not all Ultas have them. I’ve seen them at all my local CVS stores though so I’d definitely search there first 🙂
Have you guys spotted these blushes yet? What do you guys think?

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