Hello, hello! I’m on the way to the Sharks game and I thought I’d show you what I used for my most recent Sharks inspired manicure. They’re playing the Pittsburgh Penguins, my second favorite team, so this was a very fun manicure put together 🙂
Recently I picked up a few of the OPI Brazil colors, including the teal Amazon…Amazoff. It’s a perfect midtone teal. It dries down to pretty much a creme finish, however there is a very very faint, and slight shimmer in it when you’re painting your nails. It’s opaque in 2 coats and is just lovely!
For accents I used Lynnderella’s I Don’t Mean Rhinestones on my middle finger, which is a combination of teal and holo glitter in various small to medium sizes and shapes of glitter. On my ring finger I used OPI’s Wonderous Star from the OPI Mariah Carey Holiday collection. It’s a pale, platinum gold shard-shimmer with little dots of black glitter. Since the Pens’ colors are black and vegas gold this polish just seemed perfect for the job.
I’m currently driving to the game but am just loving my nails. I’ve actually had this mani on for about two days already and nothing has chipped so that’s a good sign! I used OPI’s Nail Envy and Seche Vite as base and top coats.
The OPI colors you can get pretty readily at salons and beauty supply stores, like Ulta. The Lynnderella you can find on Lynnderella’s eBay page.
Do you guys have any favorite teams you do festive things for? I’d love to see! Let me know in the comments!

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