I recently posted some swatches of the L’Oreal Extraordinaire lip products and realized, that I still had to show you all these guys!
The Maybelline Color Elixirs came out way back – like in December abouts I think. I picked up the red one, had every intentions of using it and testing it and well, it sort of fell into a pile of things I had the same intentions of showing you as well. Then a month went by, I found another color that I liked and again, set it on a pile of products and fast forward a few months and here they are!
I believe they’re permanent products, so at least my waiting didn’t hinder any of you from making a decision (if that even happens lol).
These are supposed to be liquid lipstick like products. They come in 20 shades, which is more than the L’Oreal Extraordinaire line. The color range is comparable, with lots of bolds but also neutrals mixed in so there’s something for everybody.
The packaging is clear so you can see the actual product on the inside which is a huge improvement over the L’Oreal Extraordinaire products. The applicator is the same sort of doe-foot applicator that picks up a good amount of product and disperses it well. The product itself is like a pigmented lipgloss – a hybrid between a lipstick and a lip gloss, with an almost gel like feel on the lips. Incredibly similar, almost the same as the L’Oreal Extraordinaire products. They’re very glossy, you can see how glossy in the last photo of this post. They last about 3-4 hours before noticeable wear, which is average for lip gloss like products, at least on me. 
I ended up with the red, 020 Signature Scarlet, and a darker brown toned reddish color, 070 Intoxicating Spice, as well, since they seemed like two shades I’d actually use. I’ve mentioned this before, but I generally like to pickup the red shade from most lip product lines to compare and contrast (red is a color that I frequently wear). The darker brown shade seemed like a good color to wear daily, if I wear it sheerly. The swatches below show product layered upon itself so you can see how opaque the color gets. 
If you were to compare they products, well I don’t think you’d need both the L’Oreal and Maybelline. I luckily don’t have similar colors in both lines so I’ll probably end up keeping both until they go bad. The shades may be slightly different but the products definitely serve the same purpose.
These are available at all drugstores, and are about $8 each 🙂
Do you guys have any of these? Do you like them?

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