Good morning, world 🙂
About a week ago on Instagram I asked everyone what I should wear on my nails. I get a into little ruts and end up being super indecisive about what I want to wear so I do little polls on Instagram from time to time. It’s fun hearing what is currently inspiring other people and what everybody is into.
Lissa, from TenLittleNubs said I should paint my nails purple so that’s what I went with. I will say purple looks incredible on her so whenever I browse her feed or blog I end up doing purple anyways. Lissa is one of my favorite bloggers so I highly suggest you all check out her stuff! She’s awesome!
For the purple on my nails I went with one of the Zoya PixieDust colors in Stevie. This was from their summer collection last year. It’s a pastel lavender with a silver shimmer running through it, and it dries down to that crushed crystal texture. It usually dries down “matte” – which is in quotes because its shimmery but not glossy. I wanted super shiny and girly so I added a holo top coat, to add some rainbow (because you can’t have enough rainbow sparkle) and Seche Vite to make it extra shiny. 
I’ve done this combo, a holo on top of a texture before, and loved it, so I knew I’d love it, but didn’t realize just how much I’d love it. It was so girly and sparkly I was in love! I even did this manicure again, after the polish chipped on all my fingers after 5 days. I wore this combo for like 2 weeks guys.
The benefit to these texture polishes is that they’re like cement and stay on forever so that’s why it lasted so long on my nails. 
Zoya’s Stevie is available on the Zoya site. It’s as far as I can tell, permanent. As for the holo top coat, almost every indie brand makes one now so if you peruse the Llarowe, Harlow & Co or NinjaPolish sites you’ll find one. If not, go on Etsy and just search “holo top coat” and you’ll find a good bunch of indie makers 🙂

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