Have you guys seen my new February Favorites video? Well, you can check it out here 🙂 These were the highlight of my month, makeup wise. I’ve had these for a few weeks now, and have been playing around with them, and I have to say, I absolutely love them!
These were advertised as liquid lipstick, and I honestly didn’t hear very much about them on YouTube or anything. I actually, for the first time ever, first heard about them in a commercial on TV. Usually those commercials are months behind the bloggers and YouTubers. After I saw the commercial on TV, I saw a post on NouveauCheap which is my go-to resource for drugstore products and launches.
Again, I mentioned these in a few videos on my channel but have yet to swatch them for you, so here are the details on why I love them 🙂 Also if you want a full video review, my friend Eshani just posted one! She’s Indian, so if you want to see them on a different skintone, she’s a great resource.
The L’Oreal Extraordinaire by Colour Riche come in 16 shades, which is a very full color range. The go from nudes and neutrals to brights, bolds and dark colors, to suit all skintones. That’s something I quite appreciate in a drugstore collection because even though they’re starting to come out with more expansive colors, there’s still a very narrow collection of colors in the drugstore. There are colors like orange, purple and deeper browns in this collection, and various neutrals. It’s definitely a plus.
The colors I purchased were:
  • 101 Rose Melody – light to medium coral with a slight shimmer. Warm toned with more orange versus pink undertones.
  • 202 Coral Encore – bright reddish coral with a slight shimmer. Very perky and perfect for spring.
  • 303 Rouge Allegro – poppy red. This has a slight pink undertone to it but it’s not quite a pink and not quite a red. Good daytime color for a pop of brightness in your look.
  • 306 Scarlet Concerto – deep blue toned red, almost burgundy. This also has a slight shimmer.
  • 500 Molto Mauve – slightly raspberry toned rose with a slight shimmer. This has a very subtle mauve tone to it.
Formula was consistent in all of these colors. They go on very glossy and fairly opaque. You can keep a light hand and make it look like a tinted lip gloss, as well as layer it to get a very full opaque look on the lips. They last on me for about 3-4 hours before obvious wear, which is a standard amount of time for me with glossy products like this. On the lips, again, it’s very glossy and makes your lips look full and juicy. 
The packaging is a gold tube with a plastic color indicator. The color indicator, by the way, isn’t all that color accurate so take those with a grain of salt. The applicator is a soft, doe-foot like applicator that picks up a good amount of product and distributes it evenly.
These are available at pretty much all drugstores now. They retail for about $8, and are part of their permanent collection so if you can’t find a display, go searching in the regular L’Oreal section.
Do you guys have any? What do you think?

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