Hello everyone! 
Today I have a review for you of some amazing Indie Polishes! Sana from Glitter Daze contacted me and asked to review one of their monthly subscription boxes so I said “Yes!!!” without even thinking about it. 
Glitter Daze is an indie company that has an amazing collection of polishes. I specifically reviewed one of their monthly boxes which came with a full sized polish, a hand therapy and a mini polish as well as some extras. The specific box I reviewed was January’s Ultra box, and I was so pleased with what came inside the box!

The monthly subscriptions come in three different price ranges – Super, Mega or Ultra. Super is $13 a month, Mega is $19 and Ultra is $25. As you go up in price, the more products you receive. Even if you start at Super though, you get a Full Sized polish every month. Mega comes with a full sized polish, a mini and a hand therapy of sorts.

I absolutely love monthly subscription boxes so I was very enchanted by the idea of a monthly indie box. I know Llarowe has a monthly subscription service, which is $50 a month. It’s a little out of my and most people’s price range so finding out about the Glitter Daze system was sort of perfect 🙂 For $13 a month, getting a single polish is actually a great deal. Also, whenever you purchase a box a portion of the payment goes to a charity, which is also a lovely thought!
As for what comes in my box, you can watch my open-box video!
Make sure you guys check out all the swatches down below – and now for the giveaway! Just make sure you enter via the Raffle Copter widget directly below:

*****Glitter Daze provided me these produces for review and consideration. All opinions are my own and I am not being compensated for my opinions. For more information on my review policies please contact me at warmvanillasugar0823@gmail.com*****

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