Hi Internets!
Sorry for the momentary break again – just had to get my life together real quick (lol).
School has started, so believe it or not I’ll actually be able to schedule things more regularly… during winter break I needed to take some “me” time to sort some life things out. But anyways, with school I have a very direct schedule and so I’ll be able to plan better. I always say I’ll be less active online during school but I realized I’m more active because a) I don’t want to do school work (don’t do that, kids lol) and b) I have a legit schedule to follow so it’s easier to fit some things in.
Aside from finals season, when all bets are off, I’ll have good stuff out for all of you. I know I say that a lot but I try to actually mean it (really I do!)
Anyways, today some big things happened: Zoya blogged about me and I hit 6000 subscribers on YouTube!
It’s a little crazy for both things to happen, so I’m a little floored. Very cool to see me on Zoya’s blog, as Zoya is one of my favorite brands, and you all know that.
I have two really awesome projects in the works at the moment and they’ll both be out within the next week. I’m really excited about them and I hope you all like it when it’s finished ♥
I, again, just want to thank you all for all your support. You guys are amazing and are just the best group of beauty lovers. I love hearing what you all have to say and I really feel fortunate to have met you guys :)))))))
I hope you’re all ready for 2014 to really get going, I know I am!
I’ll see you all very soon. I promise!

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