So for New Year’s I wanted something that I loved, because it was my last mani of 2013, and I wanted something glittery because it’s New Year’s and I wanted something that sort of encompassed all things nail polish, for me at least, and I ended up holding a bottle of Enchanted Polish and a bottle of Lynnderella. And that was a long ass sentence. I’m working on short sentences this year.
So with my bottle of Enchanted Polish Kids, from the Time To Pretend Collection, and my bottle of Lynnderella’s One Nutty Fruitcake, which is one of my favorite multi colored glitters, I ended up with this manicure.
Kids is a teal holo that shifts to pink, purple, orange and looks all sunset-y and awesome but still teal. The holo is sprinkled in there pretty strong so, well, you all can guess that I sort of love this polish.
One Nutty Fruitcake is a mix of different sized square glitter in bright colors. I accented my ring and pinkie nails with the glitter to add in a little festivity on my nails for the new year.
What I love about both polishes is that they’re both pretty opaque – Kids was just two coats on my nails and One Nutty Fruitcake was just one coat of the glitter.
Enchanted Polish is pretty hard to purchase because they’re so coveted now. But Lynnderella is readily available on eBay. They are fairly expensive but they’re all handmade polishes.
I used CND Stickey Base Coat and Seche Vite for my top coat.
Do you guys have any indie combos you love? Let me know!

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