Next up is the color in Killah Red. This is a color that Ji has had in her line for quite some time, I believe. I think I saw this on her site when I was browsing for polishes like Underwear and Dead Calm, back when I first started purchasing RBL colors.
Killah Red is a vampy, deep oxblood red shade. It’s that in-between creme and jelly that a lot of shimmer-less reds are. It’s a beautiful and rich dark red that can fit into most people’s collection. At that same notion, a lot of people probably have a lot of colors very similar to this. I chose this polish though because I wanted to see how her classic shades held up against other classic shades I have in my collection.
This red is quite excellent though, and is opaque in 1 coat. You get a good, bold red at 1 coat, and if you add another layer it deepens and becomes more like the shade you see in the bottle. Despite the finish of the polish, it is important to note, that it is fully opaque. Not a lot of creme-jellies have that ability to be fully opaque so it gives this a leg up on other reds I have in my collection.

Rescue Beauty Lounge colors are available on her website. Each polish retails for between $18 and $20, which is definitely not in everybody’s price range. However, it holds the same quality for me as brands like Deborah Lippmann do, especially within her creme finish polishes, so I feel the price is worth it.
Stay tuned to my YouTube Channel though, as I’ll be having a RBL giveaway soon!

***Product provided for review. I am a reviewer for Rescue Beauty Lounge, however I will always review with 100% honest opinions, regardless of my status with a company or brand.***

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