Get ready for a ton of pretties from Rescue Beauty Lounge 🙂 Ji, the fabulous creator of all these colors, gave the opportunity to show you 10 polishes of my choosing. I ended up with what I think is a good variety and representation of her colors, so buckle your seat belts kids! We’re going on a Rescue Beauty Lounge adventure 😀
I actually already posted a swatch of one of the colors – Piu Mosso. Since I received them about a month ago, I’ve been slowly testing them out so I could give you all a good review of each color.
The first color is Abi, which is a bright lime green with a slight murky tint to it. Mixed in is a shilvery shimmer that is less of a frosty effect and more of a fairy sprinkle on the nail.
Abi is opaque in 1-2 coats – it’s a thick polish without being thick and is also very vibrant. I can’t even fathom how one makes something like that but it applied like a dream. The photo above is with natural light indoors and the photo below is with flash. You can see the shimmer isn’t super strong in natural light, it’s actually more apparent in person though. It’s very pretty in the sun though, and looks similarly to the shimmer that you see in the photo with flash.
This lasted on me for a good 4 days before I removed it and painted my nails with the next color 🙂
Rescue Beauty Lounge colors are available on her website – it’s down for maintenance as of right now, since she’s prepping for the new year, but I’ll let you know when it’s back up so you can browse the colors again! Each polish retails for between $18 and $20, which is definitely not in everybody’s price range. However, it holds the same quality for me as brands like Deborah Lippmann do, especially within her creme finish polishes, so I feel the price is worth it. 
Stay tuned to my YouTube Channel though, as I’ll be having a RBL giveaway soon!
I definitely recommend Abi as a very unique color to be added to anybody’s collection. I personally don’t have any greens that are in this shade, and the subtle shimmer adds to it’s individuality.
Do you guys have any green favorites? Let me know in the comments!
***Product provided for review. I am a reviewer for Rescue Beauty Lounge, however I will always review with 100% honest opinions, regardless of my status with a company or brand.*** 

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