I’ve mentioned Leah Light before on this blog, because she’s always got such great nail inspiration. Just as a little background, Leah is a super well-known celebrity nail artist based in New Zealand. I’ve previously done 2 manicures based off her designs, and every time she posts new photos on her Instagram, I ALWAYS get in the mood to do some nail art. Along with Leah, Candice of MrCandiiPants and Elissa from TenLittleNubs just always give me so much nail envy and inspire me everyday to get better at doing my nails.
About 4 weeks ago, Leah, Candice and Elissa all posted pics of manicures that inspired this particular manicure. Leah does a lot of these framing hearts, and Candice was also doing a lot of framing manicures. Elissa had been doing mani’s with China Glaze’s I’m Not Lion, which was a microglitter from last year’s fall collection.
From all of those posts, I ended up with this combo 🙂 The purple is Dance Legend’s Cosmic Rainbow, which is a super bright purple holo. For the framed heart, I used China Glaze Glistening Snow, which is a silver and holo microglitter, and using a small nail art brush traced out the shape of the heart. Using the same nail art brush, after cleaning it off, I painted in the white just to make the heart more visible.
I was absolutely in LOVE with this manicure! I tend to always love the manicures that come out of those three, but this definitely gets pushed into one of my favorites I’ve done in a long time.
For the base and top coats I used OPI Nail Envy and KB Shimmer’s fast dry top coat. This mani was on for a few days before I removed it and painted them a different color. As much as I loved this manicure, I had gotten some new polishes in the mail and ended up playing with those on my nails lol.
Do any of you have any favorite nail artists and blogs that you draw inspiration from? Let me know in the comments down below!

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