Back in November, right after I was selected as one of the Rescue Beauty Lounge reviewers, Ji, the fabulous creator of Rescue Beauty Lounge, offered to send me 10 polishes of my choosing to review for all of you 🙂 I (of course) said “YES!” and have been playing and swatching them for the last month.
The first one I have to show all of you is the color Piu Mosso. This was originally from the LʼOiseau de Feu collection, back in 2011, and it’s a very good representation of why I think Rescue Beauty Lounge is so popular.
The color is an almost gray toned navy blue creme with a bright copper shimmer that’s been gracefully mixed into the polish. The copper shimmer is very bright in the bottle, but is less so on the nail, making the shimmer look sprinkled in and subtle. The formula is on par with all the other RBL polishes I’ve tried and is opaque in 1 coat. 1 COAT. I used 2 in the pictures, just because I like doing 2 coats but you can definitely get away with just 1 coat. 
Not only is the formula super easy to work with, it lasts on me for about 4-5 days without any noticeable wear. Because I work with kids and my hands get quite a bit of rough attention during the week, 4-5 days is a long time for me, nowadays. I used the base coat prep, the base coat and top coat all by Rescue Beauty Lounge as well, which may contribute to it’s long wear on my nails.
All RBL products are available on Ji’s website. However, she’s doing a bit of maintenance on her site right now so I’ll let you all know when the site goes back up! Each polish retails for between $18-20. It may seem expensive to you, but it matches the price range of Deborah Lippmann and other high end polishes, which (in my experience, with the polishes I own) make polishes at the same quality as RBL. Also, I don’t know if the sale is going to happen next year or not, but it may, so if you want to purchase some polishes you can wait until the 50% off sale. Again, I can’t guarantee you that it’ll happen every year. Piu Mosso is most definitely worth the full price though 🙂
***Product provided for review. I am a reviewer for Rescue Beauty Lounge, however I will always review with 100% honest opinions, regardless of my status with a company or brand.***

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