Good afternoon everybody 😀 I’m officially (as of monday) on my winter break in-between semesters of school so guess what… I’ll be more active online! I’ve got this massive folder of photos I have to edit and upload, and most of them are nail polish, so get ready everybody 🙂
My last post was a holo combo that I was totally crazy about, so I ended up doing another holo combo after that to experiment a little bit. Since the Liquid Sand colors have been so popular recently, within most of the major brands as well as minor drugstore brands (Jesse’s Girl and the like) I wanted to see what that finish looked like combined with other effects.
Of the Liquid Sand colors that have been released, OPI’s Alcatraz Rocks! is my favorite. Originally from the San Francisco collection, Alcatraz Rocks! is a bluish-purple shimmer that has a slight gold to it. It’s fantastic. This is what I feel like polishes should look like when they’re an interesting texture. Especially when it’s the third or fourth round of releasing polishes in a specific effect. The first round of Liquid Sands were basic colors, and so were the second (and this is within all the brands like Zoya and China Glaze as well). When it comes to round three, I want exciting, innovative colors. And that’s what Alcatraz Rocks! is.
To layer on top of that I used Starlight Polish’s Starlight Holographic Top Coat, just to experiment. I originally wanted to layer a micro glitter to see what would happen, but went with the holo and am so glad I did! The effect was this über 3D rainbow on top of the prettiest shimmer. Because of the actual pits within the liquid sand effect the holo particles settled into the polish and really looked like tiny rainbow lights. Photos really don’t do this manicure justice.
If you have a holo top coat, and one of these textured polishes, I highly recommend layering!
The base coat I used was OPI’s Nail Envy and the top coat was Seche Vite.
Have you guys found any unexpected combos within different finishes of nail polish? Let me know in the comments!

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