There’s nothing more festive than a big bowl of glitter, for pretty much any occasion. I purchased a whole lot of glitter in the fall, by one of my favorites Deborah Lippmann but for some reason never got to posting swatches, so I have them all for you today 😀 
Her fall Jewel Heist collection as well as her collab with Kelly Clarkson was all about jeweltones – both in glitter and creme form. I purchased the color Kelly made with Deborah as well as five of her fall colors:
  • Stronger – blue jelly base with a mashup of red, gold and silver holographic chunky glitter. It’s amazing on it’s own as well as layered over other colors. With 2 coats you get full glitter opacity on it’s own, and just one coat over a base will give you a ton of glitter with the base color peeking through. It’s very multidimensional and has a lot of character.
  • Rolling in the Deep – first of all, I’m all for anything Adele, so this was an instant no-thought buy. Second, I’ve been looking or more navy blue creme polishes so this was also an instant no-thought buy. Rolling in the Deep is a navy blue creme with silver microglitter that pops out really delicately through the creme at certain angles. It’s not a very prominent glitter, just a little extra sprinkle in there and it’s a nice touch. The formula was smooth and the polish was opaque in two coats. 
  • 99 Luftballons – red jelly base with the Happy Birthday glitter mix. There are a few holo glitters mixed in there as well but it’s not as prominent as in Stronger. This is again a good layering polish as well as a good polish on it’s own. It’s opaque in 2 coats and provides great glitter to layer in 1 coat.
  • Glitter and Be Gay – yellow jelly base with gold holo, silver holo and gold pieces of glitter. It’s basically the yellow and gold version of Stronger.
  • Shake Your Money Maker – green jelly base with green and gold glitter and then silver and gold holo pieces. Formula is the same as Stronger.
  • Va Va Voom – blue jelly base with blue, silver and blue holo pieces. It’s basically a purely blue version of Stronger.

Personally I think Deborah Lippmann does the best glitter polishes – the formula is never too thick, and the pickup of glitter is so easy. The glitter doesn’t really ever sink into the polish so it’s always evenly distributed and lays wonderfully on the nail. They are definitely pricey, ranging from $16-$20 per polish but quality wise this time they definitely do make a massive difference. With how large her range is now, you can also pretty much find a glitter for every person through her collection.
I absolutely love these polishes and do recommend them for everybody if they’re in your price range. Deborah Lippmann is available on her website, Ulta, and at high end department stores like Nordstrom. Have you tried any of these new polishes? Which one is your favorite?


Rolling In The Deep
99 Luftballons

Glitter And Be Gay

Shake Your Money Maker
Va Va Voom

5 thoughts on “Deborah Lippmann Jewel Heist and Fall 2013 – Swatches & Review!

  1. Oh I love the look of stronger! Plus, anything to do with Kelly Clarkson!
    Did I tell you I got my very first Deborah Lippmann recently? And it was a gift thrown in with an ebay purchase! Cleopatra in NY! I don't know if I told you! 🙂


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