Still playing catch-up on my NOTW posts guys. I’m sorry, again, lol.
This was from about three months ago, according to my Instagram. I found Nailsbysophiaa back in September and absolutely loved her feed. There were so many inspiring manicures that I knew I wanted to recreate, but this one caught my eye and I just had to do recreate it first. This is also a perfect sample as to why I love Instagram so much – there’s so much great inspiration out there 🙂
Nailsbysophiaa listed that she used China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy and Essie’s Bikini So Teeny. Since I don’t own Bikini So Teeny, I ended up using Essie’s Rock The Boat instead. 
Her manicure was purely a nautical manicure, but I was also super inspired by CutePolish, TenLittleNubs and my favorite MrCandiiPants. All three of them had recently done stripes, chevron, dots and glitter placement manicures around the time that I saw the Nailsbysophiaa mani so I incoporated those elements as well.
I fished out glitter from a Revlon chunky gold glitter, however I don’t recommend doing that because it was messy and irritating. Using loose glitter is most definitely the way to go when doing glitter placement manicures. For the stripes and chevron, I used striping tape and zig zag cut tape respectively. That was also a quick learning process – word of advice: peel the tape right after you paint your nail!
This manicure lasted a few days before it started to chip down because of all the layers of polish and the glitter. I absolutely loved this manicure though.
Have you guys done any of these patterns? What are your favorite color combos?

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