MrCandiiPants is the floral QUEEN. The Queen, I tell you. 
On her YouTube Channel she posted a tutorial of this back in September and I knew I needed that on my nails, immediately. IMMEDIATELY. 
The tutorial of this technique is embedded down below, but basically it’s just layering a bunch of colors, by stippling on top of each other. You can really use any family of colors you want – I went with Pink and Blue as she did in her video. To make them really flower like, adding the yellow dots in the middle completely helps. 
I’m not going to go that much more into how to do this, just to make you guys watch the tutorial 😉 She deserves more views and subscribers because her nail art is all original and is all genius. 
As for what I have on my other nails – the purple is Essie Merino Cool and the color on my thumb is OPI My Vampire Is Buff, which is a yellow tinted off-white. 
Now go watch that tutorial!!!!!

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