It’s a running thing with my friends that I primarily listen to 4 bands – The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Britney Spears. Now Brit Brit may not be a band, but she’s pretty much my favorite ever. Lol. I very vividly remember being 7, hearing her music and being obsessed ever since. She’s comforting to me and it’s one of those things that is irrational but hey, I love her and I’m not the only one lol. (PS – I do listen to other music. I swear.)
To celebrate her birthday, which was yesterday, and her new album Britney Jean coming out today (which I LOVE), I have swatches of the color Britney Spearmint by Enchanted Polish. This was limited edition, and is harder to find now, and I’m sorry. This is definitely more of a “for me” post.
Britney Spearmint, which I totally died over when it was released and literally almost cried when I couldn’t get it when it released, is a very soft icy mint with a delicate linear holo sprinkled into it. It’s not as strong as some of the other holos Enchanted Polish has made, but I think it adds to the softness of the mint. Even though it’s an icy mint, it’s still fairly ethereal and the holo just adds to it.
I have on 3 coats of the polish and it didn’t feel thick or cumbersome at all. It dried pretty glossy so a top coat will only be needed for added wear time.
You can still find this color on eBay, however you’ll have to shell out some $$$ for it. I think it’s now going for close to $60, which I gladly (well not gladly, I definitely hesitated, but was OK with it after a LOT of self-justification) paid.
Again, this was more of an emotional purchase versus a practical purchase. Since I have the entire Enchated Polish Imagine Collection (the Beatles colors), aside from some of her really really early colors like Dizzy Miss Lizzy, adding the Britney color basically fulfilled my life lol. If she ever makes a Rolling Stones collection I think I’d about die, from emotional distress in needing those polishes, or from going broke lol.

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