Ahhhh I’m so behind on blogging makeup. It’s not just my NOTW posts guys. It’s like… everything. D,:
To be fair, I’ve actually only used this product twice and I put it away in my “things to use when I get through everything else pile,” which has gotten quite large. I’m trying to go through everything and either hit pan or know that I’ve used them sufficiently enough. 
Anyways, back in the summer I purchased a few pretty high end products, and this is one of them that came home with me. I had heard quite a few wonderful things about Burberry’s line of makeup, and over the summer their bronzers had a pretty great spotlight on them.
I originally wanted a different shade, but after doing some googling I found that it may have been a little too light on me, so I went with No. 04, or Summer Glow. It’s a medium bronze with a pretty strong red undertone, which I feel like gives it less of a yellow, and therefore less of an artificial look to it. Like the Bare Minerals Warmth bronzer, the red gives it a natural sun look, which if you think about it makes sense because when you go in the sun, you get red. Or at least I get sort of red. Summer Glow has a very subtle sheen – no shimmer but it isn’t completely matte either.
The texture is very smooth and the powder itself is very finely milled so it has a pretty silky texture to it. The color is fairy opaque, but not too much so you don’t pick up too much product. With a tapered fluffy brush, I applied it to the hollows of my cheeks and also on my temples and around my jaw for basic contouring. I also added just a little to the high points of my face during the summer to add a little bit of natural looking bronze to my skin. It didn’t sit heavily and blended in beautifully. Again, the pigmentation of the powder is just right so you don’t have to be too scared of going orange on your face. 
Availability is limited to high end department stores like select Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and the like. My local Nordstrom actually didn’t carry it so I went and browsed in the San Francisco store and then subsequently ordered online because they didn’t have No. 04 in stock.
They retail for $48 each, which is super duper pricey but in my opinion worth the splurge – and this is most definitely a splurge versus a necessity. 
It compares pretty well to the other powdered bronzers I’ve used. Nars Laguna is less red, and has a shimmer. It’s a little bit more opaque and requires a slightly more gentle hand. NYC Sunny Bronzer is lighter and matte. It’s also less pigmented. Mac’s MSFs that are in bronze tones that I own are all shimmery and tend to be slightly more orange.
What do you guys think? Have you tried these products? Do you have other bronzers you think I should try?

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