Hi everyone! Since tomorrow is the Rescue Beauty Lounge #IWantMyRBLHaul50off sale, I have some swatches to show you all 😀 
A lot of the new polishes Ji has made has gotten a lot of super good rep, and for good reason. So much so that some of the gems that are in her line are forgotten, and they really shouldn’t be. I’ve posted swatches of these a really long time ago, with some of my favorite RBL colors, Anne, Dead Calm, Teal, and Under The Stars. Anne, Dead Calm, Teal and Under The Stars are now RIP colors, but these colors are still available on rescuebeauty.com and I thought I’d share updated swatches in better quality photos.
Just to give a little context into Rescue Beauty Lounge, I’ve actually been a fan for a few years now. I first heard of Ji’s polishes through SayAnythingBr00ke when she raved about Underwear (also a RIP) being the greatest white polish of all time. I naturally got curious so I went and browsed. I was very VERY taken with the brand, and also totally enamored when I found out a collection based off of Henry VIII of England’s wives was going to be released. My first purchase was the Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty collection. Soon after that was one of her infamous 50% off sales (which again will be happening tomorrow!) and so I purchased a few more. After that, she had a sale of polishes she had discontinued, which included Scrangie and No More War, and so those came home to me as well. That’s all I had purchased since basically January of 2011.
Since then, a LOT of collections and beautiful polishes have been released, and every time I coveted each polish but didn’t find them in my budget or schedule, with a lot of other collections being released from more easily accessible brands. Since they are on the pricey side of polishes, a lot of these polishes just ended up on my lemmings list. 
And now, being a reviewer (btw these I purchased on my own 2.5 years ago), I’m very very excited to show you all of these again.
To celebrate the 50% off sale coming back, I have four polishes to show you that I think everybody should have because they’re just stunning, and again tend to not be talked about because of some of the all-star polishes that have been released after these guys. 
  • Catherine – regal and rich eggplant purple with a pewter shimmer. The shimmer is quite strong in this and translates on to the nail very strongly as well. Within the pewter shimmer are little speckles of blue and pink. This is opaque in 2 coats.
  • Catherine H. – dusty blue with a very very pale gold, almost silver, shimmer that has speckles of pink as well. This is opaque in 2 coats and always reminded me of the riche fabrics used to make all of those amazing dresses the Queens of England wore. Also, if you watched The Tudors, does this totally remind you of Catherine H’s dress she wore while celebrating all her gifts given by her ladies? And while she giggled through the palace? It totally reminds me of that. 
  • Jane – warm nude with a very delicate lacing of gold shimmer. The shimmer is really hard to detect indoors but out in the sunlight, it’s really beautifully evident. Not “IN YO FACE SHIMMER” but very elegant, and very Jane Seymour (at least The Tudors depiction of Jane Seymour). This was opaque in 2 coats. 
  • Stormy – gray creme with a slightly more warm tinge than a cool tinge to it. It’s super opaque, almost a one coater. It’s also a slightly darker shade of gray as well.

I’m eventually going to show you guys other swatches of RBL polishes I have, but I wanted to show you these first because they’re still available on the RBL site and will be available during the sale tomorrow.
The sale runs on 11/17/13 ONLY from 12pm-5pm Eastern Standard Time (New York City, USA). Everything will be 50% off, which will make everything very affordable for those of you on a budget. For those of you that aren’t, you’ll be able to expand your collection twice as well now lol. 

Catherine H.



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