I just posted the China Glaze Holiglaze collection swatches and mentioned that if you’re looking for a more traditional holiday collection then you’re going to want to look at this one. This collection, which was another collaboration with Mariah Carey, is a much more glitzy, girly, and purely Christmas collection. 
In it’s entirety, the OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 collection has 18 polishes, 6 of them being new Liquid Sand colors and 12 of them being “regular” finish colors. The collection is a very solid holiday collection with a nice set of reds, glitters and shimmers.
Given that I have way too many reds, especially by OPI, I ended up with three of the Liquid Sands, one red, all the glitters and one shimmer. 
The colors I purchased were:
  • All Sparkly and Gold – warm but still antique gold shimmer. It’s in a clear base and the pieces of gold are shards of glitter. Very beautiful, and like the less molten version of Goldeneye from last year’s Skyfall collection. I’m pretty in love with it. It’s opaque in 3 coats and goes on very smoothly.
  • My Favorite Ornament – cool, platinum type of gold. This is also in a clear base and is very similar in finish to All Sparkly and Gold. Again a total love from this collection. It’s seriously SO beautiful and I’m for sure going to pickup a backup 🙂 Again it’s opaque in 3 coats.
  • Ski Slope Sweetie – white shimmer with a gold glass fleck. It’s really similar to China Glaze’s White Cap from last year as well as Jesse’s Girl’s Firefly. This has a much smoother shimmer though. Very pretty and elegant. Opaque in 3 to 4 coats.
  • Underneath The Mistletoe – red jelly with red, magenta and silver glitter. I’m pretty surprised and happy that OPI made a red like this. I originally purchased this based off of OPI’s very vague swatches, that made it look like a dupe for Smitten With Mittens. However although it isn’t a dupe, it’s very different than all the other reds OPI has released recently. In this collection there’s a dark, a creme and a shimmery red, and those are sort of the standard finishes OPI releases reds in. I like that they stepped out of their comfort zone and came out with a jelly red with glitter. It’s a nice holiday color and it also makes for a nice change. This is opaque in three coats.
  • Wonderous Star – this is the same glitter that you see in My Favorite Ornament but also includes small hexagonal pieces of black glitter. It’s very different and very… edgy chic? It’s sort of like a mix of edgy girly girl with the black glitter and the super sparkly glitter. This is for sure not going to be a polish for everybody because the black glitter is going to throw some people off, but I quite like it. It’s opaque in 3 coats, and the black glitter shows through so it looks sort of like little kiwi seeds mixed in. 
  • Silent Stars Go By – Liquid Sand in a pale, rosey nude shade. It’s got a beautiful silver shimmer running through it and a nice silver hex dispersed throughout it. It’s opaque in 3 coats. It’s just so pretty! I think it’ll be a good “office” color that’s subtly colored but up close super blingy. Crazy chic and gorgeous.
  • Make Him Mine – Liquid Sand in a bronzey rose-gold shade. Has the same shimmer as Silent Stars Go By.
  • Baby Please Come Home – Liquid Sand in a darker plummy purple. It’s like Chanel’s Illusion D’Ombre in Illusoire, just in nail polish form. I die for this color. Again, same silver shimmer and just absolutely beautiful.
OPI Colors are available at salons and stores like Ulta. You can also purchase on Ulta’s website. They retail for about $8-9 and this collection is out now in stores.
I absolutely am in love with this collection – it’s sort of my personality and aesthetic in a polish collection. If there was some random teal, then it’d be complete. The very romantic colors absolutely mesh with me and I, again, completely am in love with this collection. The other colors are pretty classic OPI as well – the other Liquid Sands include a black, a silver, and a blue. The reds are very easily compatible with everybody, with a dark and cherry creme, and some shimmery reds. There’s also a smokey brownish black color in a shimmery base that’s quite lovely if you’re looking for a dark shade.

What do you guys think? Have you purchased any of them?
Silent Stars Go By

Make Him Mine

Baby Please Come Home

All Sparkly and Gold

My Favorite Ornament

Ski Slope Sweetie

Underneath The Mistletoe

Wonderous Star

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