Happy holiday season everybody! Technically holiday season doesn’t start until December, but for the beauty world, it basically starts in September. Remember when holiday collections came out in November? Well generally now they come out the first week of October. I’m not complaining though because I love the holidays.
China Glaze’s holiday collection this year is the Happy Holiglaze collection. It comes with 12 colors, and you’ll notice that this year it’s much less focused on Christmas colors and more focused on like… party colors. It’s a nice change for those who a) don’t celebrate Christmas or b) tire of the same sort of collections every year. If you’re looking for good, standard holiday colors, you’ll want to check out the OPI Mariah Carey colors, which I have a post of here 😀
They also released a “Holiday Travel Iridescent Lacquer” which wasn’t directly advertised with the Happy Holiglaze collection but you can find it on etailers like 8ty8Beauty. Also, I mention this in the video, but I have a different top coat as well which I mistakenly though was part of the Holiglaze collection but it’s not – it was originally released with the Breast Cancer Awareness colors for this year, so I have that to show you as well.
I didn’t purchase all of the Holiglaze colors – there were like two that I didn’t purchase because I just wasn’t that into the colors. Here are the colors I did buy though:
  • All Wrapped Up – blue toned purple microglitter in a clear base. The formula of this is pretty much exactly the same as the Nubar Sparkle glitters that were released a few years ago. I absolutely love this type of glitter because it’s very finely milled and thus layers really wonderfully. The base also isn’t thick so you can get a fully opaque glitter on your nails with 3-4 coats without it getting majorly thick on your nail. 
  • Be Merry, Be Bright – clear base with a red hex glitter and a bluish-purple glitter. This one really reminds me of a glitter combo by Lynnderella or other indie brands. It’s definitely outside of the standard comfort zone of glitters by major polish brands and I was surprised to see this. China Glaze has been coming out with more “innovative” (i.e. indie like) glitters in their last few collections so I was happy they continued this trend. It’s not super unique if you have any indie polishes but for those of you that don’t, this will be an easy way to find a unique glitter for your collection. This is definitely meant to be a top coat so it goes thick with 3 coats if you try to get full glitter coverage on the nail. The glitter pickup with one coat is really nice though.
  • Bells Will Be Blinging – clear base with an aqua microglitter, holo bar glitter, and gold hex glitter. This is sort of like a combination of all the Hanukkah colors you’ll see at CVS all in a bottle. It’s sort of in-between a top coat and a color meant to be worn on it’s own so you get full color opacity at 3 coats but it also gets a little thick.  
  • Just Be-Claws – red shimmer with a red micro-glass fleck. It’s almost a foil, however not quite. I hesitate to call it a foil because it’s not a true foil, and not super super metallic if you look at it closely. There’s no “tin” like feeling to it which I associate with foils, so I’m calling it a shimmer lol. The color is a rich and vibrant Christmas-ribbon red. This is one of two red polishes from mainstream holiday collections that I purchased, and this was purely based off the fact that I love shimmery reds. I think I purchase a shimmery red every year. Not that I need them. It’s just a really beautiful and perfectly holiday red, and with that added interesting finish I’m even more in love with it. It’s opaque in 2 coats.
  • Mingle With Kringle – gold version of Just Be-Claws. This one is much closer to a foil because it’s got more of a metallic finish but it’s still got like a micro-fleck in it. This is a warmer gold than other gold polishes I own and I think it’ll also be great for nail art and stamping. 
  • Put A Bow On It – berry toned purple micro-glitter with the same formula as All Wrapped Up. This one is very similar to Nubar’s Petunia Sparkle, maybe a little less vibrant. 
  • So Blue Without You – bold blue with the same formula as Just Be-Claws. This is also slightly more of a foil than Just Be-Claws. There’s a slight silver like frost to it which makes it more of a foil. This was super opaque and you can almost get away with 1 coat. 
  • This Is Tree-Mendous – green microglitter with gold mixed in. Now, usually the green glitter in China Glaze’s holiday collections are my favorite. Every year for the past 4 years they’ve come out with green glitters that have become some of my absolute favorite greens, as well as China Glaze colors. This one falls short for me. It doesn’t feel all that holiday like to me, and I feel like this is also nothing new for China Glaze. They had a green glitter like this last year, just a slightly darker shade of green. Last year’s was also a more unique shade of green, and the formula of micro-glitter was much newer and thus felt more special. This color is definitely pretty and will be unique to you if you do not have that many green glitters from China Glaze, but for a collector it may not be all that special to you. I really wanted another green hit form China Glaze this year and was sad that this is what they came up with :/
  • Your Present Is Required – clear base with a mix of blue, purple, gold, orange and white hex glitter. This is not your standard rainbow mix of glitter which has become super super popular – it’s much more New Year’s Eve feeling in that it’s a darker mix of glitter and really feels like confetti. This is surprisingly very dense as a glitter so you will easily be able to wear it on it’s own but you can also wear it as a top coat. 
  • There’s Snow One Like You (Texture) – the sole Texture (China Glaze’s version of the Liquid Sand). This is a matte white with pieces of white hex. It’s definitely snow like on the nail and will be fun to use now and in the future for nail art and snow effects on the nails. You guys know I’m not a fan of the matte liquid sand effect on the nail but the white hex is what made me want to purchase this one. It gives it much more dimension and give it less of a plaster look on the nail.
And the two other polishes:
  • Travel In Colour Top Coat – color shifting glass gleck that goes from gold to pink and has speckles of blue and purple. I’ve layered it on it’s own as well as over black so you can see the effect of the shimmer. I absolutely love this. I’ve been in such a shimmer kick recently and am glad China Glaze released a top coat you can layer over any of the polishes you own. It’s so pretty!
  • This One’s For You – clear base with that same shimmer in Travel in Colour but also has iridescent pieces of glitter mixed in. This is for sure what I wanted all of those snow-globe glitters released last year to be like. The formula for this is much smoother, and I think because of the shimmer, goes on much more evenly and doesn’t feel clumpy. It’s beautiful and I may pick up another as a backup. It gives really nice shimmer and dimension to polishes you layer it over and will give an unexpected twist to any creme polish you may have. This was released with their Breast Cancer colors this year.
Overall, I think the main theme of this year’s Holiglaze collection was revolved around the feeling of “celebration.” Again, I appreciate that they focused less on Christmas and more on just the joyous holiday feeling. I do, however really love Christmas themed collections so I was definitely surprised to see this mix from China Glaze this year. In the past OPI’s Burlesque and Muppets collections sort of that that same multi-color “celebratory” feel so I also feel like it’s about time China Glaze has done the same thing. Also, I feel like another theme in this collection, as well as this entire year from all of the other mainstream brans, is the idea of texture on the nail. Obviously there are the liquid sand colors that bring literal texture to the nail, but also the idea of mixing finishes and materials within a collection has been huge this year and is clearly represented in the Happy Holiglaze collection as well. There are three different types of glitter in this collection, as well as shimmers that aren’t your standard shimmers. Bringing character through your nails, with different textures and finishes (like the metallics and duochromes which were also huge this last year) has been much easier recently and I completely appreciate that mainstream brands are now realizing the endless potential that nail polish has as an accessory, and not just a beauty product.
China Glaze is available at Ulta and Sallys as well as salons and retails for about $7. On etailers online like 8ty8Beauty you can purchase them for between $3 and $4. 
Have you guys purchased any of these yet? What do you think?

Travel in Colour Top Coat
This One’s For You

There’s Snow One Like You

All Wrapped Up

Be Merry, Be Bright
Be Merry, Be Bright
Bells Will Be Blinging

Bells Will Be Blinging

Just Be-Claws

Mingle With Cringle

Put A Bow On It

So Blue Without You

This Is Tree-Mendous

Your Present Is Required

One thought on “China Glaze Happy Holiglaze 2013 Swatches!

  1. I think this is a pretty nice collection! My favorite China Glaze polish was from a Holiday collection (I think it was called Blue Year's Eve) and since then, I have always been excited to check out their holiday collections!
    Thanks for sharing


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