Last August, Deborah Lippmann released a collection of items all inspired by the HBO show True Blood. Being a mega True Blood fan and a mega Deborah Lippmann fan, I was totally determined to purchase all of the items. I got a few of the nail products, in the end, and have been loving them ever since I got them.
I don’t actually think I’ve shown you them on my nails though, so in the summer I ended up putting on Let It Bleed again and loved it. I do apologize for the not so great photo though – I took the photo in a pinch before I ended up doing a ton of house work so my nails got ruined after that. 
Let It Bleed is a dark, vampy burgundy red with a jelly formula. It actually dries to have the Forsaken fragrance. In case you didn’t know, Deborah Lippmann also released a perfume which is very spicy, sexy and heavy. It’s not really my sort of scent, so I didn’t purchase the perfume, but it’s nice to get a glimpse of it with this polish.
The formula os a great jelly formula – opaque in three coats and flows onto the nail really nicely. 
You can actually still purchase some of these items on Deborah Lippmann’s website as well as the HBO website, if you’re still interested 🙂

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