After I show you guys these two polishes, I’ve officially showed you all of the polishes available on Wicked Polish’s site. I’m excited, are you?? Aside from the limited edition ones that are going to be released in Llarowe’s monthly boxes, I now have every Wicked Polish item and I’m pretty stoked on that. She actually just released one with Llarowe’s box, and I was (happily, for my sake) not in need of that polish because it was a black glitter so wasn’t too sad when I didn’t purchase the box. 
Anyways, getting back to the point, I have the final two polishes from her site to show you today. I actually purchased these months ago during a restock on her site, and was just in the middle of a million life things that I never ended up posting these.
  • Pink Eye (Pestilence Collection) – baby pink creme base with large pink, white and silver pieces of hexagonal glitter. This layers really nicely and is opaque in 2 coats.
  • Prowling (What Happens In Vegas Collection) – medium blue jelly base with opalescent blue, dark blue, holo and silver star glitter. It’s also glow in the dark, and glows a really pretty blue color. This one took three coats to become opaque.
Pink Eye is $10 on and Prowling is $11, probably because of the glow and the dark that’s in it. Make sure you follow Wicked Polish on Instagram and Facebook as well as Harlow & Co because they announce restocks on their social media. Because the maker of Wicked Polish was in the middle of moving, her polishes are fairly coveted right now. However she’s, I think, fairly settled now so her polishes are getting easier to purchase because there are going to be more frequent restocks. 
All of the posts I’ve written about Wicked Polishes are filed under the tag “Wicked Polish” so if you click it (on the bottom of this post as well as under the “Labels” sidebar on the right) you’ll find swatches of all the other polishes 🙂

Pink Eye


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