I’ve gone back and forth with myself a few times on whether or not I wanted to post these swatches. I finally decided I’d share with you guys just because I really truly love these polishes, even though they’re so hard to purchase and they end up going for a fortune on eBay.
Over the past year, Enchanted Polish has exploded and basically become the most coveted indie brand out there. It’s insanity during the restocks, on her site as well as stockists and the polishes have caused a lot of grief. However, there’s totally a reason for it because these polishes are phenomenal.
The three polishes I have here are part of the Time To Pretend Collection, which is a full collection of duochromes and with holos. I have the other three now as well, and will eventually post those too, but for how you get three of them 🙂
  • Electric Feel – I’ve already posted a NOTW of this, so you probably have already seen this on my blog. It’s a golden lemon that shifts to a soft lime green. The holo is super strong.
  • Future Reflections – turquoise that shifts through blue to purple and almost a magenta. Also has a super strong holo.
  • The Youth – light lime green that shifts to a strong pink color with a holo.
When compared to the Imagine Collection, which are also duochrome holos, these polishes are much less chrome than the Imagine. These are more like shimmers that shift, versus the Imagine colors seem more metallic, if that makes sense. The holos in these are also much stronger and much more linear.
Formula wise these have a slight jelly feel to them – they go on slightly translucent on the first coat but are pretty much opaque in 2 coats.
These are $15 each on Enchanted Polish’s store. Make sure you follow her on Facebook and Instagram so you’ll have up to date notifications on when they’re going to be restocked!
Electric Feel
Electric Feel

Future Reflections

Future Reflections

The Youth

The Youth

Electric Feel / The Youth / Future Reflections
with flash

Electric Feel / The Youth / Future Reflections
indoors, natural light

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