For about six months now Jo Malone perfumes have been all the rage on YouTube. I’m a big fan of perfumes, especially the girly and flowery ones so I’ve been eyeing these for a while.
They’re quite expensive, and very high end. What made me really want to try them wasn’t because they’re just flowery perfumes, but the fact that they’re known for having very pure scents. A lot of high end perfumes are very complicated scents with layers and layers of different notes. After browsing through the Jo Malone site, all of the perfumes they offer are basically one or two main notes with very subtle undertones. It reminds me of a more expensive L’Occitane. 
I purchased mine off of the Jo Malone website – other places to purchase them are at high end department stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdales. Generally I’m pretty hesitant to purchase perfumes that I had never smelled before online, but because of the simplicity of the scents I felt comfortable with ordering them.
As far as pricing goes, these are the most expensive perfumes I’ve ever purchased, and I’m happy I bought them but every time I use them I remember how expensive they are and end up wanting to use less of them. The small sizes that I bought, which are 30ml each were $60. It’s about 1 fl oz. The full sizes are $115 and are 100ml, or about 3.4 fl oz. That’s about twice as expensive as any standard perfume. 
The perfumes I bought were:
  • Orange Blossom: fresh orange smell over a very gentle floral. The Jo Malone site says it’s water lily – it’s not a sweet floral but more of an earthy floral. It really does smell like an orange orchard. It’s ridiculous. It’s very feminine but springy. It’s a great daytime scent, especially in the Spring and Summer because it’s quite light. I originally saw this on Amarixe’s channel and she raved about it. She’s big into citrus scents I think, so I trust her judgement when it comes to citrus perfumes. As far as I can tell it’s not a limited edition scent.
  • Peony & Blush Suede: this is a slightly heavier scent. It’s a very strongly feminine floral with a slight baby powder light scent to it. It’s for sure a very girly scent, and a good transition scent from Summer to Fall. I’m definitely not one to usually like baby powder type scents but this one I ended up liking because it’s not too strongly powdery. It adds a little bit of depth to the Peony to give it a little bit more complexity, but doesn’t push it over the edge. I actually really love this one and am sad because it’s limited edition. I don’t want to buy a backup because they’re so expensive so I’m rationing it off!
Both of these perfumes linger on me all day, although on my friend Holly they don’t seem to linger so it’s definitely dependent on body chemistry, as all perfumes are. They tend to stick really well to clothes as well, which is really nice because some perfumes really don’t do that, especially Eau de Toilette scents versus Eau de Parfums. 
I definitely want to explore the line more but it’s going to have to be a planned investment because they’re so expensive. I really wish these didn’t cost so much because they’re amazing perfumes. Shipping, packaging and quality wise they’re amazing though so I guess you get what you pay for. 
Have any of you tried any Jo Malone products? If not, what are you favorite perfumes?

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