About two weeks ago Llarowe posted on her Facebook page that she had started mixing colors and came up with a color that was really really similar to Essie’s Starry Starry Night. For those of you that don’t know, Starry Starry Night is pretty much on everybody’s lemming list and is one of the most coveted and hard to find polishes. For me, it’s on the same level as Chanel Jade, Chanel Holographic and the original OPI My Private Jet. So when Leah Ann said she had developed a dupe, I was immediately interested. She then posted a picture of her dupe compared to Starry Starry Night and I was totally sold. It really was a dupe. 
She actually stated that she’s not one to typically create a polish to be an actual dupe of another polish but that this was a special case. I’m so glad she decided to proceed with making this polish because it’s definitely squashed mine, as well as hundreds of others’ lemming for the Essie color. 
Llarowe’s Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is a beautiful midnight blue jelly with a square silver microglitter dispersed throughout it. The glitter shines through each layer of polish to really look like twinkling stars. Since I don’t own a bottle of Starry Starry Night, I can’t formally compare the two, but based off of pictures online, it looks pretty much the same. 
The formula of the polish is on the thicker side, as I’ve noticed is the same with the other two Colors by Llarowe polishes I have. They’re not difficult thick, they’re just slightly thick. It’s not a hard polish to work with though. In the photos I have two coats on my nails and you get pretty full color payoff. My middle fingernail may look darker and it’s because it is. I used two thicker coats on that nail to see how it layers, and how the color deepens. The first coat does go on patchy but it will even out beautifully on the second coat. Since it’s a jelly, it dries naturally very glossy and looks great on it’s own without a top coat.
The base coat I used is OPI’s Nail Envy and I used KB Shimmer’s fast dry top coat, just so I could use my fingers to photograph immediately and put this up for you guys 🙂
I’m super happy that I ended up being able to snag this on Llarowe’s pre-order period for this. Just an FYI for all of you, Llarowe has stopped doing specific restocks and pre-orders on her site. She still announces the day that items will be restocked but not the actual time. Her site just would get too bombarded and the servers couldn’t handle it. There are pros and cons to every system and she’s just doing what is best for herself and her site and I don’t blame her. I’ve definitely had my fair share of frustrations during restocks, especially specific brand restocks, but I always have to remind myself that her and her people are doing the best they can and that they are only human.
This polish is $12 on Llarowe. Make sure you follow her on Facebook and Twitter so you can know when it’s going to be restocked 🙂 Both of them are linked on her site, which is here.
What are some super lemmings you have? Is Essie’s Starry Starry Night on your list like it was on mine? 

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