Day 3 of the Instagram 31 Day Nail Challenge was “Yellow”. Like orange, I actually don’t own that many yellows. Since I did a non-creme for the red and orange manis, I decided to go creme finish with the yellow. 
Butter London’s Cheeky Chops is a bright, sunshine yellow creme. As far as I know, it’s one of the most popular yellow polishes. Most people recommend Cheeky Chops or Zoya’s Pippa if you ask for a good yellow polish. It’s formula is a little on the thick side, and drags when you put down the first coat, but evens out really nicely on coat two.
It’s for sure a very very happy shade and not something I’d pull out in the fall, except for specific manicures/challenges like this one. I think it’d make an awesome pedi color. When I bought it a few years back, I was pretty excited to use it, then the summer went by and I just didn’t end up using it. It is a nice color though and I’m glad I finally used it for a full manicure. Colors like this (primary cremes) I use to mix when I do nail art stuff, so it does get used otherwise. 
I do recommend it if you’re looking for a good primary yellow polish though! You can purchase Butter London at Ulta and Nordstrom and they retail for $15, so they are super pricey polishes. Butter London’s line has some pretty gorgeous and unique colors, like Wallace, which make the $15 price tag worth it. Yellow cremes like this are also pretty rare, so if you’re looking for one it may be worth splurging a little for this polish as well 🙂

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