So about two weeks ago I tried to start the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge on Instagram, but utterly failed. I just didn’t have enough time to do my nails every single day, as much as I wanted to. I did end up doing the first 10 or so days though.
This challenge started with all your basic colors, then went to patterns and actual nail art – I basically just got through the colors and couldn’t keep up lol.
Day 1 was Red and I decided to go with two colors that I’ve been wanting to combine for a while. The first is a classic red creme, Zoya’s Dakota. It’s a slightly darker blue toned red with a super glossy finish. It’s a good staple red, if you’re looking for one. It’s opaque in 3 coats and has a very easy formula. The other color is Zoya’s Chyna from their Pixie Dust line. It’s your classic red in the textured formula, and looks like crushed rubies on the nail.
Together I just did some basic patterns – stripes, and half & half using tape. I think the two polishes compliment each other really well, and it’s a good way to start using the Pixie Dust polishes.

Both of these polishes are available on Zoya’s website and retail for $9 each.
indoors with flash
outdoors, natural light in shade

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