New drugstore product alert!!! BEFORE YOU START READING (or let’s be honest, skimming to the middle of the post) – I’ve bolded and underlined the “important” bits of this post so you can see them easily if you want to get to them quickly 🙂 for your convenience!
A ton of new drugstore collections have been popping up recently and I’ve been on the hunt for them. The majority of them seem to be new lip products being released from most of the big drugstore brands – L’Oreal has newly released their La Laque and Le Matte lip crayons, Maybelline has a few new limited edition Color Whisper shades, back in August, Rimmel released their Apocalips line in the US (known as the Show Offs here). 
I did pick up some of the L’Oreal lip products, but those have been out just a bit longer than these, so I put priority on these to show you guys 🙂 I’ll be making a video of all the new lippies I’ve picked up recently so keep your eyes peeled (gross saying, btw) for that.
Anyways, Revlon released a whole new set of jumbo lip crayons, this time in their Colorburst line. Now, I don’t know if this is in addition to their Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, or if these are limited edition, or of they Balm Stains are getting replaced, but now it seems like Revlon has a large spectrum of products to choose from. There was no sign of these being labelled “Limited Edition” anywhere (and I awkwardly scoured the display for it) and there was also no sign of the Balm Stains being discontinued so I guess for now everything is permanent 😀
Revlon has typically been one of the forerunners when it comes to new, innovative, and good quality lip products. Their release of the Lip Butters and the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains were evidence of that. They have a full range of multiple types of lipstick and lipglosses as well, so I went in to these having high hopes for these products.
Here are the colors I bought:
  • Lacquer Balm 105 Demure – light petal pink
  • Lacquer Balm 135 Provocateur – bright cherry red 
  • Lacquer Balm 150 Enticing– deeper crimson red
  • Matte Balm 210 Unapologetic – bright almost neon pink with warm undertones
  • Matte Balm 225 Sultry – medium dusty rose with strong mauve tones
  • Matte Balm 240 Striking – tomato red

Formula: For the Lacquer Balms, they’re on the sheer side. They’re very similar to the Revlon Lip Butters just in crayon form. They do feel just slightly sheerer. I definitely didn’t find them to be a full coverage lip color, which I would expect from something labelled “lacquer” but I guess it’s also a balm so it works? The finish is a non-offensive sheen. There’s a slight gloss to it, but it’s not at all sticky on the lips. In the product you’ll see a slight shimmer, but it doesn’t translate onto the lips when used. They feel comfortable and fairly nourishing, although not completely like a proper lip therapy product. I wore Demure after I took photos up until I ate dinner and it didn’t feel like it’d go dry, but also it felt like it was going to start fading after 4 hours or so. I’ll let you all know after I do a proper test of them in a video 🙂 
The Matte Balms are much more opaque than the Lacquer Balms. They do dry down to a good matte finish, but they don’t feel too dry on the lips; they will feel dryer on the lips than your standard lip product but that just comes with the territory of matte lip products. They glide on smoothly and apply evenly which is always a super plus for matte products. The darker shades do stain ever so slightly but not to the extent that the Just Kissable Balm Stains do.
When comparing the Balm Stains to these two new formulas, I’d say the Balm Stains sit right between the Lacquer Balms and the Matte Balms. The Balm Stains have a slightly less matte finish than the Matte Balms, and are not as pigmented as the Matte Balms. The Balm Stains don’t have as nice of a nourishing feel as the Lacquer Balms do though, and have less sheen than the Lacquer Balms.
Packaging: Both products come in the classic twist up packaging that like every single one of these types of products come in. Tarte, CoverGirl, the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, Clinique, Neutrogena, and the foreign products I have ALL come with a twist up mechanism on the end. The Lacquer Balms come in metallic packaging that corresponds with the color of the product on the inside. The Matte Balms come in matted out packaging that also corresponds with the color of the product on the inside. The color name and number is on a sticker on the bottom. Now, since there’s basically two reds, two neutrals, two light pinks, two darker pinks and two midtoned berry shades for both lines, I would have liked to see the packaging altered so you can see the actual product on the inside. I don’t know why American brands seem so against providing clear plastic lids for lip products, but they do. I swear, it’d fix so many problems – being able to really see the product would totally help with people NOT touching the product on the inside. I’ve never seen any of the Rimmel Products in my area with evidence of tampering because they have plastic lids on their jumbo pencils. The jumbo lip pencils Kim sent me from Australia have clear lids and I totally reach for them more because I can see the true color. I think Milani and Neutrogena are the only brands that I’ve seen with clear plastic lids, which I completely appreciate. Having part or all of the packaging correspond with the lip color on the inside most definitely helps, but I did have the tiniest bit of anxiety when picking out colors today because I couldn’t actually see what I was getting. It’s not a major flaw in the product though, and more of a personal preference and makes no difference to the quality of the product on the inside. I do like how sleek the metallic plastic looks with the Lacquer Balms though. Shiny! Just beware when you take off the barcode sticker because it may pull away some of the metallic finish, which means if you just throw these in your purse, they will eventually wear down.
Also, there’s just the smallest amount of effort taken in keeping the products untouched before purchasing – there’s a tiny sticker on each lid which doesn’t really keep it super tamper proof but you’ll be able to tell if it’s been previously opened.
I found the display this morning at Bed Bath & Beyond – there were 10 colors in each formula, meaning a total of 20 new lip products from Revlon this fall. For each formula, there’s a pretty basic color range to choose from. They do seem to favor lighter to medium skin tones, like most new Revlon releases do. There are some darker and more vibrant shades but there’s going to be more for the light to medium toned people to choose from. There is a good mix of nudes, pinks, and neutrals being contrasted by deeper and bolder shades, so that’s a plus.
I bought each of them for around $6.99, but I think the price will range greatly depending on your area and where you purchase from. I know some people online have been purchasing them for close to $8.99. Also, I’ve currently only seen them at Bed Bath & Beyond (mine has a fully extended beauty section, so not EVERY BBB will have them), but I’m sure they’ll come to all the major drugstores soon.
Overall thoughts: I think it was a good, simple release. It’s a good place to start with this formula – I hope Revlon chooses to expand on the color range for each formula because they’re pretty good products. They just lack in diverse colors – not only do they cater to lighter skintones, but you’ll easily be able to find similar colors in every other brand and every other formula. Basically, if you REALLY want the products for the formula, you’ll be happy, but if you’re not one to collect products in similar colors, it may not be too exciting of a release for you. The price is average for drugstore lip products, so it’s not a total loss either if you end up with a product with similar color to another that you have. This will benefit those that are sort of pro-“no fuss” with their makeup, and like products that are easy to maintain. They’re pretty travel friendly as well. 
Have any of you picked these up yet? What do you think??! Let me know in the comments :)))
And now for pictures!
outer tamper proof packaging

105 Demure Lacquer Balm
105 Demure Lacquer Balm – here you can see the level of “gloss”

135 Provocateur Lacquer Balm

150 Enticing Lacquer Balm 

210 Unapologetic Matte Balm 

225 Sultry Matte Balm 

240 Striking Matte Balm

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