A while back I went to CVS and there was a pretty good sale on Physician’s Formula, so I picked up some things I’ve been eyeing for a while, as well as one of the Rimmel Scandal Eyes jumbo pencils because I’ve heard so many good things about them.
I’ve already used all the products in this baby haul so I have a good enough understanding of these products to give you a thorough review for you guys 🙂
First, I purchased one of the Conceal RX concealers by Physician’s Formula because it’s been positively compared with the Make Up For Ever Full Cover concealer, which I’ve actually wanted to try for a long time now. I just went through all of my Mac Studio Finish concealer (took FOREVER) and was at the very end of my Maybelline Age Rewind concealer so I thought it was a good time to pick up a new one. I don’t really spend as much money on concealers as I do other products like blushes and highlighters and foundations because I don’t really need to conceal all that much.
The Physician’s Formula Conceal RX is a super high coverage concealer in a cream form. It comes in a small tube and is about $10 at the drugstore. Considering how expensive Physician’s Formula can be, as well as how expensive other products like the CoverGirl & Olay concealers are, the pricing really isn’t all that bad. 
The packaging is opaque plastic so you can’t see what the actual product looks like, you can only really judge on the outer packaging, which isn’t great. I like to be able to see what my face products actually look like so I can get a good match. However, there’s only like 2 shades to choose from, so I guess it’s really not super hard to choose which would look better on you.
My color is Natural Light, which turned out to be a decent color match. It’s a lighter, neutral beige, so it’s not too yellow and not too pink. It’s fine because again, I don’t conceal all that much so I don’t need a super perfect color match to get away with using the product.
Now, the product itself is super opaque. Like… the heaviest coverage I’ve ever seen. It’s crazy! Because of that, you only need the tiniest amount to cover a good portion of your skin. The packaging makes it really easy to control how much you squeeze out because it comes with a tiny conical opening so you can really pinpoint how much you actually want to use. I like that the product is so high coverage, and that you really only need the tiniest amount because I feel like my money goes farther that way, which I think is one of the benefits to buying high quality drugstore items.
I quite like this concealer and do recommend it to people that fit into the most limited shade range of all time. lol.
I also picked up two of the Shimmer Strips from Physicians Formula because my CVS was having a BOGO free sale on them, which is crazy good because these are like $14 each. And that’s ridiculous, for a drugstore brand.
These are multiuse products that come with five strips of color in each product. There’s around three or four in the line of these products. You can use them as bronzers, blushes, eye shadows and highlighter, but I primarily use them as highlighters.

I bought two of them, Riviera and Vegas. Riviera is a cooler toned set and Vegas is a more golden toned set.
Riviera swirled together comes off as a really light cool toned champagne. Vegas swirled together comes off as a really sunkissed golden sheen. Individual swatches of each strip can be seen in the swatch photos.
The formula of these is on the slightly less pigmented side, so that’s great for a highlighter. As an eyeshadow, it’s not great but I really don’t intend on using them as daily eyeshadows. You can get a good payoff of color if you really load up an eyeshadow brush, but it’s not an effortless process.
As a highlighter it’s perfect because some of the softer highlighters give off SO much product that if you’re being careless, you get crazy face results. With these, you can build up the product pretty easily to get the desired look on your skin. I can, however, see myself bringing just these two products when traveling, just to keep the clutter down. Yes, the effort is higher when using these products, but I mean I don’t wear all that much makeup when traveling anyways.

The last product I have for you is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick in Bronze. I’ve heard a lot of really great things on YouTube about these eye products so I knew I had to check them out for myself.
In general, the Scandaleyes line of products from Rimmel, including their infamous cult favorite nude eyeliner has gotten really rave reviews and are really great products. This is no exception. The product is quite creamy but sets pretty well. It’s got a rich color payoff and works well on it’s own as well as as a base for powder eyeshadows.
Bronze is a rich mahogany table like brown (nice description eh?) with a pretty shimmer running through it. It’s a great brown smokey eye color and will compliment a lot of different skin tones. 
What makes this product even more awesome is that it’s pretty inexpensive at just about $6 a piece.
So there you have it, some of my newer drugstore purchases in the last couple of weeks. Have you guys tried any of them? And do you have any suggestions for me from other great drugstore lines? Let me know in the comments!

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