Hellloooooooo long awaited swatches. Like… we’re talking a few months. I’m sorry lol. I actually totally forgot this was in my blog queue! But they’re up now, so we’re all good, right? 🙂
Just to recap, one of my best friends Andrew goes to school in the UK and his girlfriend lives over there as well. On their way back to the states, they brought me lots of goodies from Sleek and Barry M. I made a video of the haul as well! Check it out:
I’m going to format this post a little differently, and go back to how I used to format my blog. I’m going to do the little description underneath each photo because I have a bunch of different types of products. Also, the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polishes will be in a completely separate post, so keep your eyes peeled for that! One last thing, I don’t have any of the prices listed, because I actually didn’t get a receipt back. There’s the price in pounds on each website but I know they were discounted some at Superdrug because a lot of them were on sale.
Now, let’s begin:
Sleek Face Contour Kit, Light 884
This I purchased specifically because Amarixe raved about it forever on YouTube. She had actually constantly used the bronzer side for months and hadn’t hit pan on it yet. 
The kit comes with a matte powder bronzer and a shimmery powder highlight to compliment the set. To go into another tangent really quickly, Wayne Goss, or GossMakeupArtist on YouTube once mentioned that he thinks Sleek was made for women of color in mind, and the face contour kit is a perfect representation of that theory.
If you were to purchase a bronzer in the US for “Light” skin tones, the color would be much lighter. This bronzer is similar in color to the NYC Sunny Bronzer. It is on the lighter side, but definitely not what you’d consider “light” here. I think most bronzers that are made here are supposed to be a medium range, so it caters to the “most” people. Like, NYC Sunny Bronzer I think is supposed to be their idea of a neutral bronzer. Same with Nars Laguna. It’s not all that dark of a shade.
So, seeing that Sleek labels this shade as light is good news to you deeper skin toned girls, because there is a medium and dark shade in this line of products and they’re actually quite deep. The highlighters also come in shades that will compliment those tones of skin, and aren’t this light shelly color so it doesn’t wash out deeper skin tones.
The formula of the bronzer and highlighter are quite pleasant. The bronzer is pretty pigmented, but not too so if you swirl your brush in it, you don’t get major powder on your face. It’s not a patchy powder either so it blends onto the skin smoothly and looks quite effortless on the skin. As I said before, the highlighter is a light, shell like color with a definite shimmer to it. It applies quite similarly to Benefit’s High Beam, just in powder form.
Both wear beautifully on the skin for a good 6 hours before I notice wear. I have fairly oily skin so products tend to break down much more quickly on me than on other people. I do, however, love my shimmery highlighters, and really quite like the look of the highlighter on the skin. 
Sleek Blush in Flushed 935
Again, going with the theory that Sleek was created to cater to women with deeper skin tones, the blush in Flushed is a bright, plummy red shade with a very subtle gold shimmer to it. The blush is super pigmented, and will show up quite vibrantly and beautifully on deeper skin tones.
I haven’t actually worn this blush yet, and am saving it for colder weather, when I tend to go deep with my lip and blush colors. 
Sleek Pout Polish in Peach Perfection 964
Ever since the massive boom of everybody purchasing the Christian Dior lip balm, I’ve been searching for more affordable but similar products. I haven’t actually tried the Dior lip balm, so I can’t actually tell you how things compare, but I’m also generally a lover of tinted lip balms so yeah. There’s a bad, directionless sentence for you lol.
The Sleek Pout Polish is more like a tinted lip gloss in a pot versus a tinted balm. It’s like a solid lip gloss. It doesn’t condition all that well, but you do get a really natural looking sheen with a slight tint of color on the lips. It’s sort of like those Mac Mineralized Lip Tints that came out this past year. 
Peach Perfection’s color is a warm, slightly peachy pink. It’s not all that pigmented, so if you were to get this one, or a different shade from this line, I don’t know how much you’ll actually be able to tell the difference when on your lips.
It wears pretty comfortably though, as long as you’re not looking for a super moisturizing balm. It wore on my lips for a good 4 hours before noticeable wear, or having to reapply because it dried out on the lips. 
Barry M Dazzle Dust 66
The rest of the products in this post are little potted pigments and glitters from Barry M. I sort of browsed Barry M’s website and looked through their products and randomly picked their Dazzle Dusts and Glitter Dusts by the site information.
This one is a deep dark mahogany brown, that looks pretty much black. There’s a slight shimmer running through it, but it really just applies like a black pigment. It’s fairly pigmented and doesn’t apply patchy so that’s a plus. The pigment itself is pretty finely milled as well, so there’s not too much chunky fall out when you use it.
I’m probably going to end up using this as a liner, along the upper and lower lash lines, because it’s so dark. 
Barry M Dazzle Dust 27

This is a white gold, super shimmery pigment. It’s got a nice fine mill to it, so it applies really smoothly. There’s a little bit of fall out, which is what you’d expect from a more glitter like pigment.
I’m a huge fan of these frosty white, but also colored pigments, especially for highlighting the tear duct area. I’ve already used this a few times and it brightens wonderfully in the inner corner and there isn’t too much fall out during the day.

Barry M Fine Glitter Dust in 15
This one, and the next, are two more chunky glitter pigments that are basically the pigment you see in the Lorac 3D Liquid Lustre products. This one is a white gold and is color wise, very similar to the previous product, just more chunky.
I’ll use this more as an overlay on top of other shadows versus on it’s own. 

Barry M Fine Glitter Dust in 10
This one is more of a true yellow gold and looks very fairy like and riche on the lid. Again, this is similar to the gold chunky glitter in the gold Lorac 3D Liquid Lustre. 
If you guys have any questions about these products, please let me know in the comments down below. Also if you have any suggestions for what I should get next, let me know as well 😀

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