Yesterday I posted a swatch of Deborah Lippmann’s Single Ladies. It’s a darker oxblood red and it’s fantastic.
About 4 days after I initially applied Single Ladies, I added Lynnderella’s UnDead Red on top. UnDead Red is a sheer red jelly base with red and silver holo pieces of glitter in various sizes and shapes dispersed throughout it. It layers fantastically, as most Lynnderella’s polishes do, to create a really deep and pretty glitter mani.
I’ve mentioned this before but the base Lynn uses in her polishes is what makes these polishes so easy to use. They’re on the thinner side but that doesn’t make it a watery or difficult polish to work with. It’s just a thin base so that makes layering the polishes super easy. It also lets the dense amount of glitter in the polish flow easily enough on the nail without having to fiddle with the glitter on the nail.
Of course you can use Lynnderella’s on their own but won’t really get a fully opaque color on the nail with most of her polishes, like this one. There are definitely polishes she makes that go fully opaque but I think most of her polishes are meant to be glitter top coats. That’s why I layered UnDead Red over Single Lades to create the most luxe, ruby like jewel manicure on the nails.
I layered 2 coats of UnDead Red over Single Ladies. Over the top I used Seche Vite as a top coat.
I had this manicure on for an 4 more days after adding the glitter 🙂
Lynnderella polishes are available on her eBay site and retail for between $22 and $23.

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