Does anybody else remember way back in the day when Pop Beauty was sold at Sephora? I was given one of their little eye cakes as a birthday gift once from a friend named Alyson – it was this little circle eyeshadow that had 5 strips of color, and I got the purple one and was in love. I wanted like all of those. They don’t make those anymore though They totally still make them, and you can still get them in the UK :). But they don’t sell Pop Beauty at Sephora anymore. Nonetheless, Pop Beauty has had some pretty neat items in their line for quite a while. 
Recently their nail polishes have been getting a bit of attention in the beauty world, especially the colors Loud Lime and one of their neon pinks, which I do not have.
I sort of vaguely remember having Pop Beauty being re-introduced into my life when I walked into one of those CVS Beauty Centers (which is not their regular beauty aisle, but one of those upgraded sections with your almost high-end brands) and seeing a giant Pop Beauty display. It was pink and girly and had a big side full of lashes. I remember going “they made those eye cakes I liked!” then browsed their products, picked up a few things and went home. I don’t think I ever talked about them in detail in a blog post or video but what I picked up was a duo of shadows, which was perfect for traveling and then some random bits that I don’t think I have anymore. I didn’t even think about picking up any polishes because they didn’t interest me at the time, or there wasn’t a great selection of colors.
However, jumping forward 3 years to present day, their polish range has expanded and gotten some good praise so I thought I should go and search for them again.
I recently walked into my local Rite Aid, which had gotten a full re-vamp and not only was much cleaner, much more orgaized, and a much more pleasant experience, but their stock was vastly improved as well. They had a full display of Pop Beauty items, as well as other brands that I hadn’t ever seen in stores before, and I was pretty excited.
This time around I only picked up two of the polishes they had to offer:
  • Seventeen – Turquoise: vibrant, pretty much neon, turquoise. It’s got a slightly bluer tone than some other turquoises out there. It’s greener than Essie In The Cab-Ana. Very similar to Barry M Gelly Shine Nail Paint in Greenberry. This was opaque in 2 coats. The formula was pretty average. It glided onto the nail well and wasn’t patchy. It does dry down a little flat so a top coat will get it looking nice and shiny 😀
  • Seventy One – Loud Lime: vibrant, also pretty much neon, light green creme. This is like a brighter version of OPI’s original Gargantuan Green Grape. It’s got the same sort of formula as Turquoise.
About 2 weeks ago I actually wore Turquoise out and it was very flattering on the nails. It’s definitely an attention grabber. It wore quite nicely – 3 days without chipping using my OPI Nail Envy and Seche Vite base and top coats respectively. However, it did start to peel and chip pretty badly so think what you will with that. It may just be my specific body chemistry.
These polishes are available for $10, most popularly at the CVS Beauty Centers (That’s where Pop Beauty’s site will lead you to in their “Find Stockists” link), but I just found you can get them at Ulta as well as, again, at Rite Aid. 
Have you guys tried any of the Pop Beauty products? Any must haves?

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