Yesterday’s post was Barry M’s Gelly Shine in Papaya, and today’s is the same color just with some glitter added on top to make it all blingy and stuff.
Actually, I usually add glitter to a manicure to distract from chipping or wear, or if I’m in one of those nail polish ruts (which I was when this happened). Adding glitter is the quick fix for all of those situations 🙂
Lynnderella Change. is a clear base with a very fine gold shimmer, bigger pieces of gold hex and square glitter, then pieces of square and hex glitter in various other colors like red, green, orange and holo pieces.
It’s got a pretty nice formula – the base is on the thinner side and the glitter is evenly distributed really nicely so that when you apply it, the glitter goes on pretty easily and when layered it doesn’t go too thick on the nail. The brush is on the thinner side, which isn’t my favorite, but it’s not difficult to fish out pieces of glitter so it’s not all that difficult to wear the polish.
The one thing about polishes with big pieces of glitter is that I have a smaller nail surface that’s fairly curved so big pieces of glitter don’t lie flat on my nails and tends to peel much more easily. Other than that, I typically have no wear issues with Lynnderella’s polishes.
On top of the glitter I used Seche Vite, which made this manicure last about 2 more days with no visible wear or chipping. The only thing that happened was the peeling thing.

Polishes from Lynnderella can be purchased on their eBay site and retail for $23.

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