I think this originally came out about two years ago, and it sparked this major trend of a ton of indie brands creating matte glitters.
Floam is a mix of turquoise, green and yellow matte pieces of small square glitter in a clear base. The effect it creates is a very textured looking nail that looks exactly like the 90’s Nickelodeon toy that it was named after (which, by the way, they still sell in random places lol).
I layered it over Pop Beauty’s Turquoise, which is a bright almost neon turquoise. It meshes well with the mix of glitter in the polish so I didn’t have to layer too many coats of Floam on top.
The formula is on the slightly thicker side so I didn’t want to layer too many coats or else it’d feel a little too thick on the nails. It does make a good top coat though and adds interesting texture as well as a fun pop of color to your manicure 🙂
Ninja Polish now makes a ton of different variations of the color Floam and they’re available on their website.

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