About six months ago these made a HUGE debut in the UK. People were pretty much obsessing over them and talking about how amazing they were. It was announced that they were going to come to the US in the Summer and pretty much everybody on YouTube was anxiously waiting for their arrival.
These are currently a Walgreens exclusive with 12 shades available, which I think is more than what’s available in the UK. Why they did that? No idea. It confuses me and makes me annoyed that big brands from the drugstore don’t standardize products available throughout all the countries they offer products to. But whatever.
The colors range from neutrals to brights in varying undertones. I’m definitely a big red and bold lip fan so I naturally picked up three of the bolder shades (still looking for “Apocaliptic” :D) and then one of the neutral colors.
  • 501 Stellar – bright bold red toned pink. It applies sort of like a coral red, and looks less pink in practice than in the tube. When against other colors and with other makeup though it definitely is a bright warm pink.
  • 401 Aurora – slightly darker than Stellar, and has a cooler undertone. It again looks sort of red in practice, but is again definitely a pink.
  • 400 Big Bang – bright primary red. This next to Stellar and Aurora makes the other two look very pink. It’s a solid red, and great for summer since it isn’t too deep.
  • 200 Comet – neutral pink tinged taupe. Very similar to Revlon’s Lip Butter in Pink Truffle. 
I’ve worn Comet out all day and quite liked the formula. They apply very opaque and only one swipe of product is needed to get a full coverage lip. The product sits comfortably on the lip for about 5 hours. After a while it does start to feel pretty dry on the lip but ends up staining the lips. For me, Comet was a fairly pigmented My Lips But Better color, so again, just a stronger version of Revlon’s Pink Truffle.
Have any of you tried these? I’m still trying to find more colors in various Walgreens’ that haven’t been previously opened and swatched by people.

Rimmel’s Show Off Lip Lacquers retail for $4.99 at Walgreens.

2 thoughts on “Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer Swatches!

  1. I wanto to try them out!! Here in Germany there's no Rimmel but a brand called Manhattan and because they both belong to one big company they decided to publish them through Manhattan. YAY~! 😀 Looking forward to try them!


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