Hello! Good Morning! (Or afternoon, or evening, or night?)
Pretty much in the last year, Enchanted Polish went from hard to purchase, to impossible to purchase. I’m all for indie makers getting more recognition, but sometimes I just want to say “Ignore this brand!” so I can purchase them all lol.
The reason Enchanted Polish got so huge, at least in my opinion, is because they’ve made some spectacularly beautiful holo nail polishes in the past, with the Imagine (Beatles) Collection polishes, and sporadically some other polishes like As If and the monthly colors. In the last six months, they released a collection all based around MGMT, and again had six beautiful duochrome holo polishes, like the Beatles colors were.
Electric Feel is one of three I was able to get my hands on during the last Enchanted Polish restock on Llarowe. I’ll tell you, those restocks are ridiculously difficult to succeed in now. And the sad part is a lot of those polishes end up on eBay for a stupidly inflated price. That’s a whole different subject though, and I won’t rant about it today. 
Of the three that I bought, and the other two swatches are coming, I promise, Electric Feel is my favorite.
It’s a green to pale gold color shift with a strong linear holo on top. It was opaque in 2 coats and was really easy to work with. The colors glide on so well, and it’s crazy how vibrant the holo is even within the duochrome.
Usually you can purchase Enchanted Polish on their website, as well as Llarowe and other etailers like MeiMei Signatures. However, again, the restocks are crazy and they’re now few and far between. Follow all of those sites on facebook or twitter or instagram though, and you’ll at lease get prior notice to when the restocks happen 🙂
I purchased this polish for $15 on Llarowe.
This manicure lasted about 5 days with Seche Vite on top and with OPI Nail Envy as a base. 

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