Since this shade of blue has been so popular this Spring and Summer, I thought I’d show you another option for those of you out there that can’t get enough of turquoise (like me 😀 ).
I was definitely NOT planning on purchasing this polish when the press release for OPI’s Euro Centrale Collection came out, but after three or four months of seeing people’s swatches I caved when I had a coupon for Ulta.
Can’t Find My Czechbook is a midtoned turquoise blue. It’s one of those polishes that looks very different on people and in different lighting, as I show you both of the photos in this post. Above is under fluorescent lighting and below is under natural sunlight.
I used 2 coats on every nail. The formula wasn’t the greatest – it did drag a little as you can see in the photos, but it’s not terrible. OPI definitely has had better cremes.
This is a great color though for those of you that want this shade of blue – it looks great on toes and nails. It sort of depends on what brand you prefer because almost every brand has a color like this now. Essie’s In The Cab-ana is very similar.
I purchased this on Ulta’s website, and I believe it’s still available there. It retails regularly for $9, but I had a coupon and got 20% off.
This color was on my nails for like 2 days before I just di

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