For the people who want something completely opposite from Chanel Taboo, well here’s a little neon for you today.
Just at the beginning of my summer, I cut my nails down to nubbins, and ombred them with some neons. And it was fabulous. And obnoxious. And the best.
Using the makeup sponge technique I used China Glaze Sun Worshipper, Flip Flop Fantasy and Pool Party (from top to bottom) to create a crazy bright and bold neon ombre. As an accent I used a white base and layered Wicked Polish’s Pox which has pink and orange neon glitters to match my ombre. I loved it.
Some tips when ombre-ing:

  • Layer over a white (or dark) base so you don’t have to layer the polish a million times to get an opaque coverage.
  • Cover your cuticles with tape so that you can protect them and clean up will be easier
  • With neons, you may need to do more cleanup – you can still see some in my cuticles because I didn’t clean thoroughly (I use acetone and a small concealer brush).
  • With the makeup sponge, cut it to get close to your nail size so when you paint the stripes of polish and sponge it on, it will be neater
I love ombre-ing and this is the second Ombre manicure like this that I’ve featured on my blog 🙂
I used Deborah Lippmann’s Gel Lab kit for base and top coats. I had this manicure on for a bout 3 days before I dinged my index finger and removed it for something blue (which you will see soon).

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