This past Spring, Chanel released a line of glosses and polishes that were permanent to their collection (at least according to Temptalia. I’m 99% sure this is permanent anyways). I saw this polish, and was SO excited, because it’s so so pretty. Look at it. Of course, when it came out, I couldn’t afford it. And for like a month, I still couldn’t justify it.
And then one day, I just sort of bought it because I was having a bad day. Which is a stupid reason. But, I mean…. look at it.
What really sold me was Ommorphia’s swatch of it on her Instagram. I really just decided I needed it. And I also got straight A’s last semester, so it was also a “yay me!” present to myself lol.
Chanel’s Taboo is a deep royal purple shimmer with a bright red shimmer infused into it. It’s the deepest, most magical purple I have. The closest thing I have to it is probably OPI’s Every Month Is Oktoberfest which is really not at all that similar. It’s similar in concept – it’s a dark purple shimmer with a red infused, but it’s a totally different tone of purple and the shimmer is much more reflective in the Chanel.
In this manicure, I used 2 coats, and used Julep’s Freedom Top Coat and OPI’s Nail Envy as a base.
This manicure was on for about a week, and this is what my manicure looked like after a week. Little to no wear, little dimishing of shine, and just the slightest amount of shrinkage on the top of my nails but nothing super noticeable.
I love this polish. It’s totally worth the $28, and you can purchase it at Nordstrom.
Now, some pictures 😀

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