I’ve recently picked up some new polishes, both from China Glaze’s summer collection, the Sunsational collection. It’s a full 12 color collection, of all neons! I was certainly very excited for this collection because China Glaze is the company responsible for my favorite neon of all time, Flip Flop Fantasy. When I read that the Sunsational Collection was going to be half cremes and half jellies, I became even more excited. I really like that jellies are catching on, and the thought of neon jellies got me all up in a tither. 
Too bad though because the formula for these SUCKED.
I’m so SO glad that I only decided to pick up two to begin with and hold off (due to low funds lol) on the other colors that I had wanted. 
The two colors I picked up were:
  • Neon and On and On – bright warm toned pink creme. It’s an almost pastel type of color that packs quite a punch color wise. In pictures, it’s fantastic. It’s gorgeous. In fact, by just looking at my own swatch of it, I really do want to try it again and wear it because it’s so girly, and punchy, and pink, and cute, and perfect for summer. But no, no no no, I’m definitely not going to because the formula for this was awful. It was patchy, streaky, and hard to deal with, which is like the trifecta of horribleness for anything beauty related. On first coat, it was definitely streaky. On second coat, even after adequately waiting for it to dry, it looked super patchy, and then on third coat, it was really difficult to manipulate to look as smooth as it looks in the photo. I definitely don’t recommend this polish, even though it’s so pretty 😦
  • Shell-O – this is one of the jellies form the collection, and is a coral neon jelly. Again, formula issues! It’s so, so, sheer. The photo shows 5 coats. It’s similar, I’m assuming, in sheerness to the L’Oreal candy polishes that came out in the spring. I wish these were slightly more opaque, so they were easier to use; using five coats of polish is ridiculous, and in reality, you’ll use half of that bottle up within 3 applications. It wasn’t a sticky formula, which is good, but it just seems like it could have been made so much better. The color is pretty, and when dry is also very shiny. It wasn’t difficult to use like Neon and On and On, which was good. *sigh*
These were both purchased at Ulta and were $7.50 each, but I (luckily) had a coupon for Ulta so got them for less. I am definitely not happy with these polishes, and it just makes me reiterate that the China Glaze Pool Party collection is SO much better than these are!
I had each polish on for about 2 days and didn’t use top coats on either, just to see what they were like on their own. The base coat I used was Deborah Lippman’s Gel Lab base coat. Neither polish chipped within that time, although there was a little bit of wear on both when I removed them.

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