It’s July! And I’m going to try and get back into a regular blogging routine 🙂 
The last (about) 6 weeks have been a little tough for me, personal life wise. But it always is this time of year. So I’ve sort of just kept to myself to deal with everything and neglected the internets. But I’m back and with some very special polishes for you all today.
I also re-designed my blog a little, background wise, I hope you like it. 
Today I have some Dance Legend Holos to show you. These came onto my radar about two months ago, first on Instagram, then on some well known blogs like Scrangie. People were raving at how vibrant the holo was in these polishes, so I knew I had to save up for some polishes and finally was able to purchase them last week off of Llarowe and Ninja Polish.
Dance Legend has a few collections within their brand, including textured and thermo colors. I’ve heard good things about those polishes as well, but initially I really just wanted to try out their holographic polishes.
The holo collection is called the New Prism collection and includes 12 colors. They’re a Russian brand, but surprisingly the polishes aren’t that expensive for being imported and holos. Of the 12 colors available, I purchased 4.
  • Android – cool bright green. Nubar Reclaim is yellower and has a finer grade of holo. Urban Outfitters Green Holo is lighter and less vibrant of a base color but has a similar holo.
  • Cosmic Rainbow – warm bright purple. Hits Dionisio is darker and slightly bluer. China Glaze IDK is much lighter with a finer holo. Ludurana Supremo is lighter and has a more speckled holo. Ozotic 513 is darker has a more jelly finish.
  • High Voltage – bright sky blue. Jindie Nails Blue Ivy is slightly darker. Hits Apolo is darker and has more of a jelly finish.Glitter Gal Bondi Blue is possibly just a tad darker. 
  • Spacecraft – asphalt gray. I don’t have any colors similar, base wise. It looks almost black in the bottle but applies to be a solid gray, with a warmer undertone. In some lights it looks like there’s even a slight beige shimmer reflecting off of it. Because of the base color, the holo was strongest in this one, but is definitely not “weak” in the other colors.

Formula wise, they were all great for me. They’re pretty much opaque in two coats, and I experienced none of the issues that holos like Nfu Oh 61 and others had with using specific bases and such. The holo in these are all incredibly vibrant and are definitely linear – there’s not slight speckle look to them like some linear holos have. The polishes are also not that slight jelly formula that the Hits and Ozotics I have in my collection are like. It’s got a finish more like A-England, just with a true linear holo. 
I’m currently wearing Spacecraft and experienced no diminished holo by using a top coat over the polish. 
These are available on Llarowe and Ninja Polish and retail for $13 on each site. The colors range from these brighter, and slightly more typical colors, to more unusual holo colors like browns and beiges, which I think is really unique and cool. 
For each of the swatches, the far left is indoors under artificial light, the middle is in sunlight (late afternoon, so slightly more warm light), and the right is with flash indoors.

Cosmic Rainbow

High Voltage

Space Craft

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