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Today’s post is swatches of the Julie G for Jesse’s Girl Frosted Gumdrops Collection. Here’s another bunch of polishes with that sugary sand finish. These polishes were aptly named after different candies and flavors and it’s the perfect fun theme for this finish. “Liquid Sand” sounds cool and all, but “Frosted Gumdrops” just sounds so much more appealing!
Just to recap, there are two different types of finishes out there in this category of polish – the sparkly candy like ones, (which are these, the Zoya Pixie Dusts and most of the OPI Liquid Sands) and the matte/creme finish ones that look more like spackled paint or tacky, lumpy polish. Obviously, I’m not a fan of the latter finish by the description lol. I know China Glaze, Milani and Sally Hansen all have their own textured polishes that are the non-sparkly ones. For me, it’s the sparkle that really make these worth purchasing, otherwise it just looks like a bad manicure. However, there are also different finishes within those two categories. What OPI has done with some of the Bond Girls colors is not give the sugary crystal finish but add a frost to the base color itself to give the texture more dimension, which is key. I think the only one that OPI didn’t do that with is Vesper, but again the base polish may be a creme but the texture itself is a different color. Putting in a different dimension or layer to the polish for sure counts and makes certain ones really quite beautiful and some just look (in my opinion) awful.
By the way, if you’re looking for all the Liquid Sand/Texture polishes I have, I’ve tagged all the posts with “Liquid Sand Effect” so just click on the link for that tag either at the end of this post or in the sidebar on the right 🙂
Going back to the Julie G polishes, the collection contains 5 pretty staple colors to satisfy almost everybody’s needs. The formula for these was pretty standard, dried fast, opaque in 2 coats and not at all difficult to work with.

  • Hot Cinnamon – cherry candy red with a warm gold sparkle to it. In one light it’s very warm looking and in the other it’s very cool looking, which is actually very gumdrop like. 
  • Sugar Rush – reddish orange with a warm gold sparkle to it. It’s fairly similar to OPI’s Jinx as well as the orange in the Zoya Pixie Dust colors for the summer. It doesn’t quite have as strong of a pink undertone to the base like the other two do, so it looks much more orange in photos. In person though, there’s definitely a strong similarity between the three, to the point where I would recommend just purchasing one of the 3 (unless you’re crazy for this finish lol).
  • Tangerine Dream – lighter orange hard candy sort of color with a warm gold sparkle. This one is also very similar to a Zoya Summer Pixie Dust color. Again, I would recommend getting either one but not both since they’re so so similar. If anything, the Zoya color is slightly more textured – the grains are slightly larger.
  • Rock Candy – cool green base with a silver sparkle as well as pieces of silver hex glitter. While the first three colors had a gold sparkle, these last three all have a silver sparkle, which makes a good mix for the collection, although I would have loved to have seen an apple green with a gold shimmer. Oh well. I like the mix of silver glitter with these last three. 
  • Blueberry Fizz – cool toned blue. I used this for a NOTW post recently. I think this is my favorite of the bunch. The silver glitter complements the blue in this really nicely.
  • Crushed Candy – this is actually a warm berry toned purple but the silver glitter off-sets it just slightly to make it look cool toned. It’s a nice combination of colors.

I was able to purchase them on Groupon for $16.99 (original list price for the set was around $24). The shipping for Groupon was kind of slow, but I guess worth the discount? I don’t know – I like the polishes, but they weren’t incredibly expensive to begin with so it wasn’t all that devastating when they didn’t come as fast as I had liked. Now you can purchase them individually on Jesse’s Girl’s website and they retail for $3.99 each.
What do you guys think of the textured polishes? Do you prefer one type to the other, or are they a skip for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Hot Cinnamon
Sugar Rush
Tangerine Dream
Rock Candy
Blueberry Fizz

Crushed Candy
Hot Cinnamon / Sugar Rush / Tangerine Dream / Rock Candy / Blueberry Fizz / Crushed Candy

2 thoughts on “Julie G Frosted Gumdrops Collection – Swatches & Review!

  1. Thanks for the note about Tangerine Dream and Zoya's Beatrix being really similar. I thought they were really similar, but I wasn't entirely sure and almost bought Beatrix. 🙂


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