These swatches are LONG overdue, because I’ve had these polishes for quite a while now.
On my last purchase from Llarowe, which was months ago, I purchased a small set of these Jade Holografico polishes because I was so impressed by Mystic Gold, which is the liquid gold holo that I’m crazy about.
I also bought one of their Diamond colors, to probably layer under Mystic Gold in the future (let’s be honest lol).
Their holo polishes have a slight jelly finish, which makes it seem almost more of a very finely milled holo speckle versus a truly linear holographic polish. However, the grit of the holo is so fine that it does look really linear when applied.
Because of the finish, it definitely takes 3 coats of the polish to be fully opaque, but it’s not a thick polish so it’s not a bitch to deal with when layered.
Here are the colors I purchased:

  • Extasy – dusty steel blue holographic. I purchased this because of it’s unusual color. It’s not a solid grayish silver because of it’s blue tones, but it’s not a bright blue. The subtleties of the color make this one really special. This is the color I used on one of my Autism Awareness manis (the half moon holo gradient).
  • Psicodelica – silver holo but a little darker of a silver versus your standard silver holographic polish, which is a brighter, lighter silver.
  • Energy – teal holo. I’ve been waiting for a brand to make this polish. A-England St. George is close, but that’s still more of a speckled holo than this one is. This polish looks much more linear on the nail than St. George does and fills all of my teal and holo loving heart with glee.
  • Magia – warm black holo. I say “warm” black because it’s just a smidgen lighter than a true black. It’s still a very nice and bright holo against the black though. Love this one!  
  • Jade Diamond Supernova – from what I can tell, the Diamond shades are thin polishes packed with glass fleck shimmer. This one is a honey gold that shifts to a slightly pink like color then back to a deeper, more orange color.
The holos by Jade are $7 each on Llarowe, and Supernova is currently $5. They do come with less polish though, so if you’re a price/oz person, it is going to be a slightly more expensive polish brand. To me, they’re totally worth it though. Keep in mind that these polishes, like most on Llarowe, have to be shipped here and restocked so you’ll have to check when the next restock is of your favorite brand.






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