So if you couldn’t tell, I was recently in the biggest “ombre” mood. I have done a lot different types of ombre manicures, mostly sponged ones, but this time chose to do the individual nail ombre. I saw somebody post it on Instagram and was totally set on doing it as well.
Around the same time, I got a bunch of Lynnderella polishes so was totally in the mood to use those as well. So, this manicure was born 🙂
Here are the colors I used:

  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure “Lavender Cloud” – really really light lavender, almost white. One of those colors you could paint your walls and you wouldn’t see it as purple until you painted all four walls that color. Formula was pretty good, opaque in 2 coats, just the brush isn’t my favorite but after 2 coats it doesn’t really matter all that much.
  • China Glaze Light As Air – pastel lavender. I’ve talked about this polish before, as it’s one of my go-to pastel purples. It’s easy to use and opaque in 2 coats, and a color I reach for a ton every spring.
  • OPI Do You Lilac It? – midtone blue-ish purple. Not really what I’d consider Lilac (to me Lilac is more pink).
  • OPI Funky Dunkey – primary violet type color. Like the purple crayon that comes in every box of crayons.
  • China Glaze VIII – dark eggplanty inky purple. And when I say “eggplanty” not what clothing stores consider “eggplant”, I mean the color of the actual vegetable. The formula on this was great, very opaque and almost a one-coater.
The believe you can still find the majority of these colors in store. Funky Dunkey is the only color you can’t currently find by OPI but it’s a pretty common color.
The Lynnderella glitter I layered on top was Crocus Pocus, which is a fun blue and purple glitter. There’s moons, stars, blue shimmer, purple shimmer and it’s all around magical.
This manicure lasted only a few days before the glitter started peeling off and catching on things. I have quite a curved nail surface so big glitter doesn’t sit on my nail all that well. It’s sort of a bummer but doesn’t stop me from using all those Lynn glitters 🙂

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