Today’s NOTW is the Liquid Sand polish by OPI that really sold me on the effect.
This is from the Oz Collection, which was OPI’s Soft Shades collection this year. What Wizardry Is This? was one of four effect polishes, the other three being glitters.
Originally I really wasn’t a fan of these textured polishes, but I then saw swatches of this on Instagram and was intrigued. The bronzey tones amongst the texture really popped and made this a special polish.
What I have here is two coats with no base or top coat, and this picture was taken after a full week of wear. Look! Very minor tip wear and that’s about it!! Not only did it last forever on my nails, but it also dried really quickly which makes this a great polish for last minute nails before bed, which is what I do a lot when I know I don’t have time to do them before going somewhere in the morning and don’t want bare nails.
It also doesn’t stick to skin very well, so after it dries, it flakes off easily. When it does start to chip on your nails, it chips in chunks because of the sandy texture.
This polish was about $9 and I’ve still seen it available at various stores. It’s definitely one of my favorites of the Liquid Sand effect polishes from OPI, Zoya and Julie G (Which are the ones I own).

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