When I was 11 years old, I watched my first episode of CSI. It was the episode Grissom was being taunted by Paul Millander, in season 1 (or 2?). It totally scared the crap out of me. But it opened the doors to this weird fascination with being a CSI or a Coroner or whatever and I was hooked into that world.
I then was introduced to Patricia Cornwell novels, at 13, and was sucked into the whole serial killer thing and then, again while scaring the crap out of myself, read all of her books and looked more into serial killers and such. The film Zodiac, which chronicles the Zodiac Killer events just with Robert Downey Jr. (basically playing a 60s/70s version of himself), came out a few years after that and again, I was intrigued by all of that stuff.
I started watching Criminal Minds when it first came out on TV, and basically realized it was the perfect television show for me because it’s all about the psychology of killers. 
Basically, moral of those three paragraphs is that I will forever buy things serial killer themed, because I’ve been into it for a long, long time. 
I first went and started browsing Chirality Nail Polish because of their holos – they have two particularly lovely green holos (which I bought and will review here soon) that I had had my eyes on for a long while and then was totally sold after Radha posted photos of them on Instagram. So, I went over to their site and found these babies and instantly put them in my cart. Not only were they serial killer themed, but they were pithy and all CEREAL related. It’s punny and awesome.
There are 4 in the collection, and they retail for $7.50 each on their website, which is linked here.
Here are the colors:
  • Special BTK – white crelly base with red hex, holo hex and a very slight and delicate shimmer in the base.
  • Raisin Gein – white crelly base with purple hex, holo hex and a very slight delicate shimmer in the base.
  • Dahmer Crunch – white crelly base with black, and the same other components. This one has much much more black glitter mixed in than the other two, so you really only need one coat of this.
  • Bundy Berries – white crelly base with bright blue hex. 
The formula for all four of these was great. The swatches below show one coat of each polish in the swatch, and you can see a fair amount of glitter comes out on just a single swatch. Dahmer Crunch has the most glitter packed in as I mentioned before. The polish is smooth and easy to apply and not at all thick.
Just a random note, but these are (I guess) not the shape of the bottle anymore. The polishes on their site are now shorter and rounder. I quite liked this bottle shape though, it was unique and set them apart from other brands and made them SO EASY to photograph! They didn’t roll around lol! Oh well. The packaging doesn’t take away or add to the product’s quality 🙂
Again, these retail for $7.50 each, which is totally worth it considering a lot of indie polishes range from $9 to $11, and most mainstream brands are about $8. 

BTK / Ed Gein / Jeffrey Dahmer / Ted Bundy

Bundy Berries

Dahmer Crunch

Raisin Gein

Special BTK

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